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caption contest!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 17 October 2007

just came across this photo of a ride up the mountains. the guys will remember why im on the floor but can anyone else guess how i got there?

ae93gti's picture

well, it looks like it was to be an organised group shot so you'd set your timer and then tried to hurry back to be in the pic and taken a dive?

Or perhaps you'd tried to ride through in front of the camera trying some new trick which ended with you on your face?

What ever, it's kinda funny (in the nicest possible way of course since I haven't met you at all!)

BT's picture

The guys weren't quite sure how to tackle this unusual water bar.

ar_junkie's picture

One of the many reasons as to why Gazza decided it was time to switch to C'Dale...
Sticking out tongue

Gary's picture

Just trying out a new position to apply chamois cream.

ar_junkie's picture

Gary - the scary thing is that your explanation is the most plausible!
Oh the horrors of the Gazza's race rituals...

hawkeye's picture

Gary was so overtaken with mirth that he collapsed on the ground, helpless.

Noel's picture

"See. If you put honey on it first, before you stick it in there, you get more of them to bite"

Lach's picture

the leader of mtb breakaway works out how much lead they've got on the peleton......?

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

'Narcolepsy can strike at the oddest of times and is always hilarious'

bluray's picture

you should never drink & ride.

GAZZA's picture

i was practising my mega crash at Mt Stromlo, combined with asking you guys to " lube me up "!
actually ae93 got it right. i put the timer on, ran back to the crowd, took a dive over my bike and ended up on the floor!
oh! the days of fun rides! no time for that anymore! just train, train, train!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe next year???

Rob's picture

What you talking about Gazza... fun ride tomorrow morning. Last spot's got your name on it! Sticking out tongue

GAZZA's picture

i'm supposed to be road racing at Calga tomorrow but i've had a few too many refreshments tonight! HIC!

pikey's picture

You mistook dencorub for your butt butter/chamois cream? Sticking out tongue

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