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Cabin Fever

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 07 February 2008

With Andrew's moment of clarity today, he has described for me what I have been feeling for ages. Cabin fever has truly set in.

After having a really tough time of it at work the last few weeks, there really has been no time to do any weekday night riding. And with all the other things on over the last couple of weeks, the weekends have at best only contained one ride. Last weekend there was none!!

But it has been lucky in a way, because the freakish weather has destroyed any likelihood of doing any serious riding anyway. So who says that climate change is not real? Do you need any more evidence than the torrential rain and storms over the last two weeks? Average monthly rainfall for February falling in one day? This is crazy!! Crazier than killing baby whales. With all this rain, you know it is going to ruin our best laid plans for any awesome upcoming weekend rides.

When I can't ride the cooler tracks on the weekend due to bad weather, I end up having to sit down and try to come up with an alternative local ride than Terrey Hills. Uhmmmm... I got nothing. With no good options, I sit at work or at home, daydreaming of where my next cool (dry) ride is going to come from. Menai? Red Hill? Oxford Falls? Yeah, that's the shit. But how long do we have to wait to ride there? Man, the wait is killing me. Do you often find your thoughts drifting back to a cool ride, some section of trail that you remember for being really great fun? Like the rim ride or the Drop Zone at Red Hill? The drop in at Ourimbah. Happens to me all the time.

So, are you all also feeling this cabin fever? Are you itching for a piece of cool sniggle? I am sure you are.

You know you have MTB cabin fever when...

1. Every push bike that rides past gets looked at, and you think, yeah, not long 'till my next ride.
2. Work and home is simply a distraction that must be tolerated until that next cool ride turns up.
3. You perform unnecessary maintenance on your bike, just because you "have the time".
4. You purchase assorted stuff from Torpedo7, even though you might not need any of those things yet (e.g. brake pads, new tyres, etc).
5. You find yourself randomly logging onto the Met's website at work, just to see if there are any breaks coming in the long range weather forecast.
6. The level of talk on Nobmob about actual rides drops off to a trickle, and is replaced by people talking up shit like this.
7. With total boredom setting in, you find yourself watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on the telly and it is interesting.
8. Your car has not moved out of the driveway in many days. I think the spiders have moved in again. Damn.

Somebody save us.

So, can anyone else add to the cabin fever list? You know you have MTB cabin fever when...


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