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Ralston Ave

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By Rob - Posted on 01 October 2005

One of many entry/exit points for Cascades. This is Ralston Ave, Belrose.

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Hey Rob
Where is this gate on Ralston Ave? I've never seen it. Is it still there? I want to do the 4 Gates challenge. Can you post a google maps link?


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This picture was taken back in '05, but the gate has been wide open all the times have been there in the last year or so.

You don't really need a maps link, lookie here, it's easy to follow:

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That's what I was looking at when it linked me to this page. Then I got confused cos I don't recognise that gate at all and I always enter Cascades via Heath. Is the gate next to or near to that big communications tower here? I always enter down near the very end of Ralston.

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Nah... the gate is at the very end of Ralston Ave (corner with Elm Ave) where the dirt starts.

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Then I must be blind. 4 gates challenge here I come

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The gate got wiped out around 2 years ago when someone drove thru Ralston Ave. If you look its actually in the bushes at side of road.

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For the majority of people the four gates is the 4 x NPWS gates not the one (now missing) at the top of Ralston.


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Various people might use various other gates or measures, or whatever. But if you want to log a time on here, then follow the directions here:

If you want to use any other junctions or gates, go ahead, but please don't post your time as it may be unfair to anyone else.

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