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Double triple almost done

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By daves - Posted on 02 April 2009

There are a few new light under construction at the moment so I thought should join in and share. This is my new light, in 'test mode', no perspex cover (screws in front ready for perspex sheet) on low power (controlled by logarithmic potentiometer) and a gaping big hole (not visible) on the back where I stuffed up the switch...
I threw on a bit of plastic off a CD jewel case, and took it for a lap of the Dam. Its considerably brigher than my old 200 lumen Dinotte (which is still a great little light).

This light (75g head unit with hole where switch should be Smiling), at 500mA max power, outputs:
114lumens * 1.4 (for 500mA) = 160lumens per LED. There are 6 leds therefore total 960 lumens, lose say 20% for optical and thermal inefficiency, giving realistic total - about 750 lumens.

I ran it around the Dam last weekend and it didn't get very hot, which was a relief. It was running off 4xAA rechargeables (2650mAH). I'll get a 'proper' battery if I find I ever need to...

The mounting system is the o-ring from my Dinotte light - just stretched a bit more Laughing out loud

Alas, it won't be christened at the Mont as I'm not going Sad... but I'm aiming to use it through winter and at the Scott etc later on this year.


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