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Double triple rear cover

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By daves - Posted on 02 April 2009

If everything had gone to plan - this is what the rear of my light would look like.
From the left:
- an on / off push button
- the power connector (standard RCA jack, yellow for visibility in the murky twighlight of the tavern carpark or similar location),
- a rotary dimmer control (50kohm logarithmic poentiometer)
Unfortunately the red button I selectd is momentary action (the circuit is only closed while the button is depressed). This is OK for microprocessor controlled drivers such as the Maxflex, but I have chosen to go the relatively low tech path of using a Fatman driver. The upshot is that the light was only on while I had my finger on the switch. This is obviously not optimal for a mountain bike helmet light. When I figured this out, I ripped the switch out and now have a gaping hole in the rear of the casing until I get around to patching it or making a new rear plate. At the moment the light is turned on / off by pulling the power cord out...


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