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4WD lights for your bars?

I'm all set for lights, but...

Was looking for something completely different (OK - not completely - LED lights for a trailer board) and came across these:

Modular lights for the bars (not sure I'd put this on my helmet)? Claimed 800lm for $40AUD.

Worth a look if you want something on the cheap.

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Ayup Light Upgrades

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm considering upgrading my Ayup lights (2009 versions) and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on this.
Looking at upgrading the intermediate light on the bars for the new "flood" version from Ayup.



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LED Lights

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I'm looking seriously at lights, and my dream would be a set of K-Lites. But at $729 for a set, that won't happen too soon.

On the other end of the spectrum is the following (which includes free shipping). A work mate ordered some LED torches through this website & has been really happy with them.

What kind of experiences have you guys had with cheap/expensive lights? If a $39 light lasted through winter, then blew up, I'd still be happy!

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ayup vs magicshine?

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i already have custom lights which i'm very happy with and have a custom helmet mount and just like to keep them on my helmet. I use my first generation ayup lights for road riding but find they're not quite bright enough when going at speed along dark roads. I've been looking at getting some magicshine's for my bars but seeing as i've got 5 ayup batteries and bar mounts on all my bikes plus head straps for camping i was toying with the idea of just upgrading the ayup itself to the current model. Anyone got any info on how much brighter the new models are compared to the old ones?

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Im looking at getting my first set of lights for riding the dam and terrey hill and other areas.

1. Nite Lights 900, $185-220 from local bike shops

2. Magic Lights 900 or 1400, not sure of price around 100 bucks

3. Save up and get Ay ups, approx $500

What is everyone's experiences?

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Big ups to Ayups

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Gday Crew,

After much fiddling, may set of ayups(over a year old)
Battery leads and/or connections were becoming a bit temperamental
Working then cutting out a high speed, off / on, etc you get the idea
Rang and spoke to Ayup, "yeah mate send them up, we'll have a look at them"
Sent them to Ayup, after a week (a week ago), rang and finally got a answer
They had received them and were going to have a look, THEN
Today I received an email with the following:

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Rob's Home Made LEDs MkIII

MkIII... various assembly pics:

XPE Single + Triples with lenses Carlco + Khatod Height Carlco + Khatod Lenses Taskled MaxFlex Emitter Holder Measuring Emitter Holder Housing to holes Glued Switch Gluing Optics MaxFlex Clamp MaxFlex Sink Sealant Strain Relief

The finished product:

Front Cover Rob's Mk3 Light Rob's Mk3 Light (top) Rob's Mk3 Light (front)

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Roadies: check your lights!

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Almost hit a couple of brothers (cyclists) while driving home at dusk yesterday. One wasn't wearing a light and the other had some bees dick useless light. Sure, i'm glad there wasn't an incident, but i see riders with no lights or a lot with really tiny lights all the time and it's frustrating. It's unfair to drivers. It would be hard to blame a driver that hit a rider in such circumstances. Please, if you ride on road at night, look at your lights from a decent distance some time and see if they are actually effective (big and bright).

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Double triple rear cover

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If everything had gone to plan - this is what the rear of my light would look like.
From the left:
- an on / off push button
- the power connector (standard RCA jack, yellow for visibility in the murky twighlight of the tavern carpark or similar location),
- a rotary dimmer control (50kohm logarithmic poentiometer)

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Double triple almost done

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There are a few new light under construction at the moment so I thought should join in and share. This is my new light, in 'test mode', no perspex cover (screws in front ready for perspex sheet) on low power (controlled by logarithmic potentiometer) and a gaping big hole (not visible) on the back where I stuffed up the switch...
I threw on a bit of plastic off a CD jewel case, and took it for a lap of the Dam. Its considerably brigher than my old 200 lumen Dinotte (which is still a great little light).

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