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Cascades Python

Rob's picture

By Rob - Posted on 16 September 2006

Came across this little fella (ahem) grinding up Heath Track today. "Look, a snake", says Sam, "Where?", says Rob as he almost runs over it, before stopping dead in his tracks and almost falling over after forgetting to unclip!

Think this is some kind of Python. Any takers on the exact species?

Apologies for the dodgy shot, didn't have the real camera so this came out of my phone.

Carlgroover's picture

It's A Diamond Python, closely related to the carpet python.
John Evans

andyfev's picture

A whopper! Very similar to the one that nearly made me do a small wee in my shorts around Manly Dam earlier this year!

Flynny's picture

Morelia spilota spilota.

Is part of the carpet python group, actually the one that was originally named Carpet python Eye-wink

Tend to be gentle giants, wouldn't want to be tagged by a cranky one though.

Black Flash's picture

He's off to West Head to gobble up some roadie thats come off his new Easter toy... Good effort to recover and take the photo!

Stu White's picture

I've seen two similar ones recently in the same down the bottom of Casdades track coming in off Stone Pde and one near the gate exiting at Ralston ave. There must be a truck load of them down there.

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