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Ranger Danger!

News from the local rangers we talk to.
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Action to prevent motor vehicles at Cascades

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I have been in contact with the Garigal NP rangers regarding stakes and logs and other entry prevention methods at Cascades. This was brought up in the none too tactful Cascades - NPWS Stupid, Dangerous and Ugly post.

Their explanation is below...

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NPWS Meeting Apr 9, 2008

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This afternoon Justin and I met with a two representatives of NPWS (Ranger Kim McClymont and Area Manager Chris Grudnoff) at their office in Forestville.

I am very pleased to report this was seen by all parties as a very productive encounter, with everyone keen to hear others point of view and coming away with some constructive actions that will hopefully help all involved, and of course the mountain bike community as a whole.

The short version: Things have come to a head at Oxford Falls (Garigal National Park) as a result of large rider numbers, illegal trail use and erosion becoming too much of an issue in the NPWS organisation. If riders can please show restraint and respect the 'no go' areas recently signposted here then future legal trail building may well be approved.

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