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New MTB tracks in the Blue Mountains

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone have any info or status update on this statement by the SCA last year:

Specifically: "A 62 kilometre track from Blackheath to Yerranderie and an 11 kilometre track from Wentworth Falls to South Katoomba are currently under consideration for mountain bike riding access and will be on display for public feedback".

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Recreation in Woodford Catchment

Photo courtesy of The Fat Hippy.

The text reads:

Some areas of the Woodford Catchment are now open for recreational use. The open area is within the Blue Mountains National Park.

Walkers and cyclists can access the management track that links Winbourne Road and Clearview Parade.

No pets are allowed as the lands are part of the Blue Mountains National Park.

No access to Woodford Dam and Lake Woodford

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New mountain bike tracks in the Blue Mountains

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Recreation in Woodford Catchment

Thanks to some tireless campaigning by a few fellow riders it seems that SCA have taken a small step in the right direction and granted access to some land around Woodford Dam.

I'm not sure about any specific trails in this area, but as noted, it is a step in the right direction. In the words of Oliver Twist, "Please sir, may we have some more?". There would be some real epic rides available in the Blue Mountains if other SCA lands are opened up.

Anyhow, press release here and quoted below:

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Still no plan for SCA access

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Last week I sent a mail to SCA asking how they were going with their review of bike access. Yesterday I got the reply:

Dear Robin

Thank you for your query regarding the timeframe for the review of the mountain bike access in the Special Areas.

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SCA to Review MTB Access in Catchments

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Some good news... remember SCA Management Regulation review (discussed here)?

I was at first very disappointed to see that last Friday the legislation on SCA access was gazetted and appears to have no change on MTB access (the gazette is here - see page 374 onwards).

Then today, a rather promising press release from the Minister for water (see attached PDF).

Basically it looks like the SCA will be performing a full community consultation on MTB access. Stay tuned for that. Smiling

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Response to Public exhibition of the draft Sydney Water Catchment Management Regulation 2008

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I've just sent the following in response to the SCA regulation. It's pretty generic so should work for all. If you'd like to help please copy/paste this (add your postal address to the top and name to the bottom of course) and email to

May 27 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you with comments on the document titled "Public consultation draft - Sydney Water Catchment Management Regulation 2008". The version I write on was displayed on your website at the following address:

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