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re sprayed Taurine

someone on this site is a very talented man! cant say his name as everyone will want a new sprayjob! i'm very happy with what he's done with a tired old Taurine frame of mine!

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My family of four , 2 adults, 16 and 13 year old, would like to start mountain biking. We are not sure what bikes to buy as beginners. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Spring Cycle

Is anyone participating in the Spring Cycle?

I am doing the North Sydney to Homebush route, maybe a Nobmob group can be arranged if there are enough numbers or intersted parites?

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Kitchen of Bikes

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Bikes in Preperation

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Beijing Closing Ceremony - One Wheeled Sit In Bikes?

Anyone see them? How'd they work? They'd be great for mountain biking, roll up and over anything - I think, have I got the physics right?

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