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INTERMEDIATE Mountain Bike Skills Clinic (Men and Women)

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Sunday, 14 August, 2016 - 09:00
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Jubes Mountain Bike Park
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Jubes is located near Golden Jubilee Field at North Wahroonga. If you head down Westbrook Avenue, turn left at Esk St and turn right into the carpark you will find the mountain bike park at the end of the drive.

Golden Jubilee Field, North Wahroonga, New South Wales

INTERMEDIATE Mountain Bike skills clinic for men and women

The participant group size is small to maximise individual feedback from our coaches. All coaches are level 1 or 2 Mountain Bike Australia accredited coaches.

Sample Skills Covered in the 4 hours
*Helmet check and fit

*Bike safety inspection

*Learning to pump

*Berms and flat turns

*Track stands

*Rear wheel lift


*Roll overs and roll downs over rock and timber obstacles

*Manuals and power assisted manuals

*Mastering skinnies

* Short rail ride if time permits

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One on One Mountain Bike Training lessons

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Just wanted to share some testimonial with you all. I recently gave a gent in his 50's a mountain bike lesson. He had told me that he had done a lot of racing and was quite fit. However, he wanted some tips on how to climb techy rock sections. This is what he had to say after a 2 hour lesson with Lisa from Sydney Bike Skills.

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MTB trickle down??

some interesting new enhancements to the data that can be collected using Garmin's Vector power meter pedals, Garmin claim platform offset can be used to improve bike fit, peddling efficiency and potentially prevent injury! The current design makes these pedals too vulnerable for MTB but it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for this tech to trickle down to MTB?

Gotta love tech toys Eye-wink

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Is nutrition the missing link to riding faster?

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About a year ago, following the "Fling Training Weekend", I decided to step up my training. Not in volume, but in quality - so for my last few races I have used a very structured approach for the 6 weeks leading up to the event - hill repeats, threshold intervals, tempo sessions, skills sessions and a weekly endurance ride. This had an immediate impact on my race results, culminating in a 7th (in my age group) in the Convict 50 this year. Not breaking any records, but a nice little step up compared to my previous results. But then it got me wondering what's next.

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Training to live with pain

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Have you ever noticed that since taking up riding, when you stub your toe, or bang your elbow... it really doesn't hurt as much as it used to? Are you so used to rocks smashing into your shins, skin being ripped off your arms and the burning in your legs that anything else seems passé?

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Get a mental edge... participants needed

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Most athletes will tell you that performance is all in the mind but the really successful ones don’t just say it, they believe it and they do something about it.

Imagine having:
• Laser sharp concentration
• Unshakeable belief and confidence
• Supreme mental toughness
• Higher levels of motivation

My goal is to change the field of cycle coaching in Australia by not just focusing on physical fitness but working on mental toughness as well. Racing is all about making decisions, there is no point being supremely fit if you don't have the confidence to make use of it.

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Off Bike Training tips. (especially in wet weather)

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Personally, I am extremely 'time crunched'.

I love the idea of following 'The Time Crunched Cyclist' as mentioned by others, but I have trouble finding 3-4 hrs a week as it is. Having a very young family doesn't help. So, I've been following & doing about 2 x 20min sessions a week in the garage when my kids are asleep. I also swim twice a week at work for another 20 min.

Otherwise, I just try to ride as much as I can. All this wet weather doesn't help - but garage workouts are better than nothing.

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Garmin Edge 500 Workouts.

Looking at doing some silly time on the trainer.

What programs are people doing on their indoor trainers.
I am looking to do a basic program in Garmin Training Center to use for indoor workouts.
Any suggestions for intervals times etc ?

Boring as it may be 25mins on the trainer is 25mins of training.

Shano Smiling

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CIII Outdoor Rec (Mountain Biking) - TAFE

Northern Beaches TAFE is enrolling students in a CIII in Outdoor Recreation and you specialise in Mountain Biking Friday 28/1/11 (12pm-7pm, Brookvale TAFE, RM A.2.10). That's right there is a course and career for MTB!!!

For some further info head to: and type in 'Outdoor Recreation' in the 'find a course' tab or contact Liam Daley ([email protected])

If you can't make it but still are keen send me an email and if it doesn't fill up we can get you enrolled.

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Can anyone suggest some good places for some hill training on a trail of some sort?

Something that will have a good 5-10 minute climb on dirt.

I live near the city so can access most places in a comparable time.


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