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Manly Dam

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Pictures of new Manly Dam signs?

Hey, has anyone taken any pictures of the new signs that are supposed to be up at Manly Dam?

If anyone is going for a spin there in the near future, don't suppose you could take a could shots?

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Manly Dam Open? Was this sent to riders list?

So... I might have missed it, but was anyone on the official Manly Dam mailing list (the one with weather updates, etc.) sent a mail telling them the trail is re-open?

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Old Walkers

on riding Manly Dam today I had to love the attitudes of the old walkers on riding past after slowing down i would greet with a hi or hello something along those lines and they would just ignore or huff at me. All the younger walkers below 40 were great all talkative, friendly etc just the oldies maybe next time when i see an old walker i will speed up and flick the rear wheel and spray them with dirt. Also what's with runners running in the wrong direction up single trails around the dam?
thats my little complaint for the day

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Back at Manly Dam

Thursday, 25 February, 2010 - 18:00
Ride Database Entry: 
Manly Dam
Meeting Point: 

King Street (near corner with Arana Street), Manly Vale. You know - outside Manly Hydraulics Lab.

-33.781501, 151.258115 (Manly Hydraulics Lab)

I will be riding the Dam trail this evening for this first time since the ban.

The ride will not be very fast (I ride a freeride bike) and a second lap may be in order if it doesnt get too dark.

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Spread the news in the office

Dunno about anyone else, but there are quite a few cyclists in the office I frequent at the moment.

So I printed out the main jist of the Manly Dam story, a little explanatory text and the council's press release and stuck it up in the bike cage.

While I was doing this two guys asked about it and were horrified. One claimed to never ride an MTB but then when he saw it was Manly Dam said, "Oh yead - I've been there!"

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Banning other groups is not the answer

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And the saga (or is that farce - make your own mind up) continues...

It came to my attention last night that the Mayor's solution to the current Manly Dam debarcle is to ban walkers from the mountain bike track. See his release below[1]. This is not a good idea though, as I explained in a mail (this was sent to all the elected officials early yesterday evening):

Dear elected officials,

While you might think from a cycling advocacy point of view this would be good news, my heart sank when I saw this release.

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Manly Dam dissapointment

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Dear All,

I have sent this email in frustration and disgust at the treatment shown to us Mountain
Bikers. Yet again a minority has destroyed another activity for the popular many. The
mountain bike community is being discriminated against as well as not shown the courtesy of
discussion over the issues.

The lack of understanding shown by you all is amazing, as the sales of bikes continues to
grow yet you do not realise this, or plan for facilities that are usable by them.

In the media every day we hear about obese children and unfit people, yet as soon as they

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Manly Dam - NEWS just in!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Jeff,

After much researching and communicating, it looks as though we may have found a way to reverse this decision at the Council meeting on the 23rd of February in favour of all mountain bikers!

I ask you to remain patient until then.

Kind regards,

Cr Bob Giltinan J.P

T: 02 9938 6319
M: 0418-471-459
F: 02 9905 6169

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Mike Baird's view on the Manly Dam Issue

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Local MP Mike Baird has put out a press release on the Manly Dam fiasco, and shows a level of understanding and commonsense sadly lacking in the council.

I'm thankful of all the support Mike has given, and continues to give to mountain bike riders.

Monday 15 February 2009


Manly MP Mike Baird has appealed to Warringah Council to show some commonsense and manage the risks rather than ban mountain biking at Manly Dam.

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Warringah Council Meeting - Show support with silent protest

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Tuesday, 23 March, 2010 - 18:00
Meeting Point: 

Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why (enter Civic Drive)

725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW

While the council meeting is obviously still on, there's no need to go from an MTB point of view as Manly Dam is re-open

Council need to be shown immediately what a mistake has been made, and how many riders are effected by the recent Manly Dam trail closure.

As such it would be a very good idea to show up at this meeting for a silent show of support. Speakers are not allowed at this meeting and rowdy, insulant or other petty behavior would not help our cause one bit.

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