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Bottom bracket

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Bottom bracket repair

I was riding at Stromlo and I noticed a squeaking sound coming from the bottom bracket. I want to repair/replace any parts myself. Do I need any special tools to do this job, and if so, what tools? (I don't want to take it to a bike shop because the last time I went, they forgot to put the axle back in the wheel :/)

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Home mechanic help

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In the vain effort of trying to improve my mechanical skills I am slowly rebuilding a bike. In this I have just put in a new set of XT cranks and bottom bracket – seemed easy enough. Although I did have to tap the crank with a wooden mallet to pop it through the BB. Not a big wack, just a gentle tap – is this usual? It seemed to be just getting the end to clear through – this was also the case when not on the bike so I am happy things are square.

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Bleeds & more

Ah... more work on the bikes. Brake bleed front & rear for Rush & Pratiwi's Trek. Wow - what a difference, especially to hers. Should have see the cr@p that came out of the front line on the Rush! I suspect it needs a new one (brake line that is), or maybe some seals. Anyhow - let's see how it holds up.

New rear pads for the Rush too. It's been in need of a new BB for a while, this will happen later today or tomorrow, depending on how much in need of a snooze I am after lunch Eye-wink

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How to remove seized square taper cranks

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I was really rather worried about this.

This is a crank arm and the BB from Pratiwi's bike. Although I managed to get the drive side crank off, the threads in this (non-drive) got completely stripped when trying to remove it - with a crank arm remover of course - but the arm itself is made of very soft metal and they easily strip Sad

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Bearing replacement

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One set of the bearings in both my headset (Ritchey Pro Semi-Integrated Press Fit) and in my bottom bracket (Shimano XT Hollowtech II) are starting to make crunching noises - so I guess both got dirt and water in and corroded the bearing or the race. I have tried cleaning and lubing and that does seem to help for a few rides but I suspect the bearings are gone.

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