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Kiwarrak Parking

Entrance is now on the left-hand side coming from Taree towards Tinonee along Bucketts Way. Watch out for logging trucks.

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Kiwarrak Parking

This is where local riders now park. Much safer now at the trail head rather than previously across the busy main road opposite the tip.

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Clipins: just do it!

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Just finished 5 days at Kiwarrak - see Winco's status post. All i can say is it was paradise. But even paradise has downsides...Yes the mozzies are lethal and they bite right through Lycra so be warned. After the first day with no less than 40 bites from waist to knees (I had sprayed my legs but not my shorts!) I armoured up: tights under shorts then long shirt over my nether region then spray the lot liberally before setting off. I'm not kidding.

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Just spent a couple of days rideing kiwarrak & had a ball ,nice & smooth with not many climbs ,the downhill run with jumps a dropoff & the big berm were probly the highlight ,the bridges & seasaw over the creek were cool too .I was wondering how the trails handle with the multy direction single trail & if there have been many collisions ,also what has happened to the trail signage ? arrows & crosses constantly contradict each other & quiet a few arrows seem t b missing which made it real easy t get lost .Dispite this we had a great time & would like to thank the trail builders for their work.

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Kiwarrak Poll

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a survey for Kiwarrak State Forest Tip Riders

THE TOP TEN TRACKS at Kiwarrak State Forest

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High Noon and Divine, Kiwarrak

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Some nice flowing sections in Kiwarrak, guided by the Mad Plumber

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Kiwarrak trail head

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The Nobmob version of the Tea Party

After a an hour of riding, it was time to stop, swap stories, and thank Dave (again) how awesome these trails are.

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Peter gives us Air Jordan

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