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matt roll down

matt on the new bike

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Shots of the fat tyre prison camp.

....oh the pain!

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Mat, in pain but relaxed

Matt, in pain but relaxed

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Christine & Mat, Friday night drinks

Christine & Mat Friday night drinks (sorry Christine, smile next time) He He He!!!

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Lockyers Junction (Top)

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Lockyers Climb

In this shot Matt is walking up the trail. It's nice, and it's fun... but we're told it's a bit better in the other direction Eye-wink

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Cox's Bridge Matt

There's always one... Eye-wink

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Cox's Crossing

Not that there was much need for these 'bridges', but they were a bit of fun.

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Cox's Matt

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Cox's Junction

The sign reads:

Cox's road continues ahead for 200 metres and becomes indistinct.
Private Land - No way - Turn left on nature walk to rejoin road.

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