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INTERMEDIATE Mountain Bike Skills Clinic-4 hours of skills

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Sunday, 21 February, 2016 - 09:00
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Jubes Mountain Bike Park
Meeting Point: 

Golden Jubilee Field, North Wahroonga. If you head down Westbrook Avenue, turn left at Esk St and turn right into the carpark. The entrance to the track is at the far northern end of the carpark.

Golden Jubilee Field, North Wahroonga, New South Wales


4 hours of tuition with professional coaches who have all completed the level 1 or 2 MTBA Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Course. Only $140

"Thanks. This course has significantly improved my mountain bike skill level and psychology to attempt more demanding exercises." Dorian Munting

Sample Skills Covered in the 4 hours
*Helmet check and fit

*Bike safety inspection

*Learning to pump

*Line selection

*Berms and flat turns

*Track stands

*Technical ascending

*Technical descending

*Manuals and wheelies

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St Ives MTB Short Track Championships

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 - 18:00
Meeting Point: 

St Ives Showgrounds at the Mini Bike Track.

Short track racing returns to St Ives Mini Bike Track thanks to CBD and Manly Warringah MTB Club. Wednesday Nights.

Dates are as follows:
Feb 13th - March 13th - April 4th

Races start at:
6.00pm - C Grade & B Grade Women (20mins)
6.20pm - B Grade, Cyclo Cross , A grade Women (25mins)
6.45pm - A Grade (30 mins)

Race Entry $ 10 - extra category $ 5

Series Prize Money - A grade men and women equal Cash of
1st - $ 125 2nd $ 75 Third $50

Trophies for minor Categories down to Third Place !

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Peter gives us Air Jordan

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Scott hits the table top

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Conrad hits the table top

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Grove Opening Soon

Just a heads up Dirt Art has nearly finished the new and improved legal Grove Dirt Jumps.

The works should be completed within the next week or two!

Had a quick squiz and it has a main A line, B line and Kids/Newbies line.

All local Mountain Bikers/Dirt Jumpers should take a look as its amazing what they have squeezed into the site

Great work Dave,and the guys helping out with the build!

Thanks must also go to the council for allowing the rebuild and the dollars

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Our ride around UNSW today.

A mate from college and I went for a ride around the uni today. Good fun. The first clips are my and the last two are the mate on an giant STP 0.

I'm not sure if the new full face and chest protection are going to keep me safe or give me stupid confidence!

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Jindy Jump Cupcake

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Kincumber Liam

Kincumber reserve 16-7-07 Liam having fun launching off off a nice boulder!


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Flying Cupcake

Best Mountain Bike