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This year's Highland Fling: a true hardman's race? What was your take?

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Fling Morning

The reports are starting to trickle in, and today's race down in Bundanoon was one for the hardmen - and hard women - by the sound of it.

One of the biggest Marathons of the year, the Fling always draws a great field, who this year were joined on the start line by a world tour road pro - bet you are wondering how he went? Eye-wink Throw in a whole lot of wet and windy stuff and the recipe looks a treat for those who like to read of adversity, and of overcoming.

If you were down in Bundanoon today we'd love to hear how you went. Why not share in a blog entry linked to our 2013 Highland Fling page. Include your result to get it built into a local leader board and history in your profile.

All the stories are always appreciated by those of us who couldn't make it! Smiling

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Muddy camelbak

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Lady Mud

How did I keep my hands so clean?

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North Centre

Centre Track - Sunday 19 July '09.

Note the mud and deep tire tracks from vehicle(s?) which have churned it up.

This was last weekend, but I passed by on the <cough> road on Sat and there was loads of water still running off this trail.

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Team Groover

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Team Groover all enjoyed themselves this weekend and I'm very grateful for all the support I received, my wife was there constantly passing me food and drink and even putting it in my mouth so I didn't cover it in mud. Jason my 10 year old was there cleaning the drive train or passing me food for much of the race and Toasted although a bit soggy were always there to help clean me and the drive train before another lap.

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Mud is Gud!

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Jetblack Rob

What can be said about this race that cannot be gathered from the pictures? It was top fun despite being a little wet and muddy. Sadly it was a bit of a bike killer but c'est la vie.

The course was short and 30 minute times were expected so we elected to do double laps in daylight, triples at night and play by ear on Sunday. Not being present at the previous night's 'democratic' vote I was sent out for laps 1 & 2 but given the staggered start (solo, 2s & 3s + 1 minute, 4s + 2 minutes, rest + 3 minutes) didn't expect much traffic. Little did we know riding first would work very much to my advantage as things played out but more of that later.

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Muddy Hope

British brakes on their home turf!

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Smiling Steve

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Grinning Wazza

Best Mountain Bike