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Endurance Info

I am currently training for my first solo 8 hour in November. I've been searching the net for a few months now trying to get some 'tips' for endurance events, but I'm not finding a lot of info. A small 3-part series by Mark Fenner has been handy for training.

Anyone know of any good mtb specific websites or books? 'Ed Rides Bikes' is a great read, but not a whole lot of inside knowledge.

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Riding the Barossa

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Hi, I'm planning a trip to the Barossa Valley, with the Yetti of course, and was wondering if anyone had inside information on trail rides in the area. I'll be hiring a camper van, so mobility won't be a problem. I'll be looking for cross country tracks so a mixture of single track and dirt roads would be the norm I guess, I am an experienced rider with about 7 years under the belt but not looking for anything too narly… I'm looking to go within the next two months.

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Mountain Bike Australia Mag

I've just noticed that 'Mountain Bike Australia' Magazine is now available for digital download on 'Zinio.' I have been quite happy using Zinio for the last few months - particularly a subscription to 'Surfer' & 'Bike' for $9 each.


This is not meant to be a promo! Just letting you all know. The American publication of 'Bike' at $9 for 9 issues is a bargain. (If a few of you are cunning enough, you could share a username/password and share subscriptions across multiple computers/tablets)

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oxford falls

Saturday, 9 April, 2011 - 12:00
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Oxford Falls (Morgan Road)
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Morgan Road, Belrose. At the second 90 degree right hand bend in the road. There's an area just before you can park and a firetrail heading off to the left.... i guess. if anyone wants to change this we can accommodate.

-33.722089,151.228969 (Morgan Road)

Hey guys. Just trying to organise a ride at oxford falls for the 9th of april. I will be making my way there from sydney city so if anyone wants to tag along for the trip you are more than welcome. Details are ready to chance (apart from date) to accommodate for you.

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