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Endurance Info

I am currently training for my first solo 8 hour in November. I've been searching the net for a few months now trying to get some 'tips' for endurance events, but I'm not finding a lot of info. A small 3-part series by Mark Fenner has been handy for training.

Anyone know of any good mtb specific websites or books? 'Ed Rides Bikes' is a great read, but not a whole lot of inside knowledge.

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A 'Real' Mountain Bike Race

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*I have entered this blog entry under last years event... as I cannot figure out how to log a new ride for an event that has already been run...*

A last minute spot was available for this event, & with the wife's blessing, I grabbed the chance. The 6 man team was a 'social' ride. We were here to ride, but not push ourselves silly. I had only just (1 day earlier) semi-recovered from the manflu. I had to borrow some LED lights & throw the mattress in the back of the X-Trail. I was looking at buying a good LED, but hadn't purchased one yet.

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World 24hr

Is there a way of following this weekends 24hr World Champs?

I'd love to follow it. I'm assuming this WEMBO site is it... although there are no links I can see re: live timing.

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