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Everything was going fine until.......

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I got back in the car after a couple of laps taking in Duck Hole/ Centre Trails, headed back to Long via Perimeter Trails then to the car. Thats when the games began.

Was feeling tired but overall quite good, sore legs etc but nothing to stressful. Jumped in the vehicle for the drive home.

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Energy Gels

I've been using energy gels for awhile now and always feel rubbish in my stomach during and after training. I'm even down to just one gel just before I hit the trails but still have a niggling stomach ache, though very dull. Anyhow, my main question is what is the alternative? I've been thinking about using natures (fruit, nuts etc) own but not sure which foods will give me what I need. Any advice out there would be appreciated. Cheers

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