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New chain?

I need to replace my chain but, as we all do, I wonder what gear to get for my trusted bike. What I'm wondering, should I go for a better/more expensive chain (hopefully more durable), or should I just go for a less expensive one a change it more frequently?

I'm currently running a Shimano HG 74 10 speede chain, with Deore components except the SLX rear derailleur.

Should I go up in the chain to HG94 or M980? Or drop down to HG54 and replace it more frequently?

Can I use other chains than Shimano (it says on the crank HGX Chain only)?


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Chain Lube

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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The question has probably been discussed before but what are peoples preference to chain lube.
I currently use a dry lube, smax wax which seems to work ok until the chain gets wet. I find that I'm cleaning and re applying lube after every ride. Every few rides I give the entire drive train a clean.

On the road bike I used a wet lube, whilst this attracks grit and grime it seems to leave the chain running smoothly.

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Out with the old, in with the new

Well its that time again, the chain and cassette are in deserate need of replacement. How much will a new chain and cassette cost me? I don't really want anything expensive and top of the line. That being said i do want something that will work well and last Sticking out tongue
Also, where can i buy from?
Any suggestions will be apreciated

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Chain Jumping gears

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Having trouble with my 2002 yukon and was wondering if I could fix it at home. When the chain is in middle drive ring and in the 3rd largest cassette ring the chain will keep jumping out of gear and into the 4th ring and back again. What is most likely causing this?

Also Attached some photos possibly of no use.

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Chain's - What breaks?

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G'Day Folks,

I went for a ride on Tuesday night and broke my chain (8 speed). Basically one end of a side plate pulled off and I was left with two bent plates with the pin still connected to one of them. It may have been due to shifting under power but I can't be sure.
Is this the "normal" way that chains break?

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Winter Chain Lube

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Hi all. Can anyone recommend a great chain lubricant that works well all year round? I used to be a big fan of Rock n' Roll but i found through winter that it went pear shaped. In the cold weather the particles within seperate from the liquid a bit like a Coopers Pale Ale. The when you apply it is kind of crappy. (During a warm summer day it's fine). Warming the bottle in the microwave or down the front of my pants for 10 mins did help but was a hassle (and sometimes looked weid!). I looked at White Lightning and it looks like it might be subject to the same problem.

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Broken connex chain link

Whilst it is tempting to keep using those nifty connex quick links, you should bear in mind that they don't last forever. You can get away with using an old one while you go through a couple of chains, but leave it too long, and they suffer from metal fatigue.

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Last Twice as Long?

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So, again it's time for a chain change. Since the last one the Rush has done 994Km according to MotionBased. Which is a good deal more than the 400Km the first one lasted so that's good right?

Well, almost.

I'm sure at the last check just a week or so back the old chain was < 0.7% but suddenly (after Muddy Xmas Cup) it's past that point and gone on to be just over 1.0%

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