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New Caledonia Update

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Hi guys this is what I have been doing over in New Calednoia so far.

Day 1 (saturday)

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Dirtworks training ride - canned

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Sunday, 6 April, 2008 - 07:30
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Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest

Training ride close to home for Dirtworks designed to test the nutrition, fluids, spares and legs. Plan to do 60+Km at a fair pace.

Meet at Terrey Hills and do the venerable long perimeter track, duck ponds, centre track, then waratah, salvation and towlers bay and back via road to centre track for the run into Terrey Hills.

This course will provide a good mix of terrain with a good hill climbing challenge at towlers bay towards the end of the journey and also be quite a few kay's all up.

Happy to consider other tracks in the mix for the day.

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Kincumber training ride

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Hi all,

I was wondering about getting into some more training rides. We have only a couple of months to get into shape for Dirtworks. What better way than a fun explore around Kincumber? Plenty of hills there. Fun uphills. And mega-fun downhills.

How does next weekend, Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th sound?

There were a few side tracks that led off to who knows where which I wanted to have a look at. E.g. here: and here:

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