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NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all

A few people have been asking about doing another order for club kit. I have some Jerseys and shorts left over from the first order at the introductory pricing that haven't been collected/paid for so I'd like to get rid of them first.

What we have left is.

XC Jersey $80

XS -1
M- 1
L -2
Xl -1 left 1 to Kilaton

Bib short $100
m- 1

DH Jersey $80
L- 1

DH Short $120
xl- 1
L - 2

Pricing has gone up a little so next lot will be slightly more expensive

Club Kit

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Jersey reorder + shorts

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Due to popular demand we are going to re-order some jerseys. And also get some lycra knicks (mainly for racing in, but some people like to wear these all the time - go figure :? ;))

You know the drill, add a comment with size/quantity if you want something, we'll keep a running total.

Pricing for jerseys from last time worked out at $105.50. A re-order of 30 will be marginally cheaper but I don't expect we'll get than many so let's say the price is the same to begin and see what happens.

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