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Dirtworks Classic 2010

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By Hans - Posted on 01 December 2009

Sunday, 2 May, 2010 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

9 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road
Ride Database Entry: 
Womerah Range
Meeting Point: 

St Albans, NSW

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

The Dirt Works Classic is regarded as one of Australia's most challenging mountain bike endurance races, consistently inspiring all entrants to push their personal boundaries

Now in its fifth year, the course follows the historic Convict Trail through the Dharug and Yengo National Parks. The mix of fast fire trail, technical single track, rocky descents, and spectacular ridgeline views is unmatched by any other MTB event. The Dirt Works Classic starts and finishes in the historic township of St. Albans and competitors can choose between the full "Century of Dirt" and the 50km course.

Who's in?
pikey, Heckler, Bernd, Whisperer, davis_jnr, shano, Buck, Lach, AMBC, GAZZA, lorrie, scottyB, Harry, Peter Creeden, Steve 01, GeordieAndy, markp, Carlgroover, D-on, Michael B, Greg P, Brian, CB, linco, unclebullbar, LadyToast, philberesford, muffo, Alysum, BT, staffe, hairylittlehobbit, spart, HeezaGeeza, Glen, Bubble, PIVOT MACH 5, dangersean, JOE, shortcut72, obmal, OzMoT, Antsonline, loki, mattanderson, mikethebike, psd, doc, king_nelly, Fatboy, beroccaboy, Trev, tate, cambo, Ed, Azzking, Horner, CharlieB (58 riders)
pikey Heckler Bernd Whisperer davis_jnr shano Buck Lach AMBC GAZZA lorrie scottyB Harry Peter Creeden Steve 01 GeordieAndy markp Carlgroover D-on Michael B Greg P Brian CB linco unclebullbar LadyToast philberesford muffo Alysum BT staffe hairylittlehobbit spart HeezaGeeza Glen Bubble PIVOT MACH 5 dangersean JOE shortcut72 obmal OzMoT Antsonline loki mattanderson mikethebike psd doc king_nelly Fatboy beroccaboy Trev tate cambo Ed Azzking Horner CharlieB
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
20inchbandit The Moulton and Rhino Finished
Whisperer 50 Km Dirtworks blast Finished 02:06:13 48 50km Male Masters 13
Danielvn Lazy this year Finished 02:17:36 75 50km Male Super Masters 11
ps First bike race Finished 02:36:23 188 50km Male Masters 53
hairylittlehobbit First DW50, 2010 Finished 02:42:03 219 50km Male Open 31
shano 50km 2nd Time. Finished 02:46:54 251 50km Male Veteran 90
woftt Dirtworks number 2 - smelly but satisfied Finished 03:00:28 355 50km Male Masters 101
beroccaboy Dirtworks Classic 2010 - 50km Course - Masters - Male Finished 03:04:00 368 50km Male Masters 106
armo Dirtworks Finished 03:41:00 50km Male Super Masters
Steve 01 This Old Fart's still whipping Ass Finished 04:40:41 29 100km Male Masters 4
Supagav Hmmm good testing ground for a anew bike? HELL YEAH Finished 04:42:00 100km Male Elite 16
tate Sub 5hr Dirtworks 100 Finished 04:59:20 66 100km Male Open 4
linco Great ride! Finished 05:04:00 77 100km Male Veteran 29
PIVOT MACH 5 Best Race Ever! Finished 05:08:56 92 100km Male Veteran 38
Chitts Dirtworks 100km 2010 Finished 05:18:00
LadyToast What a looser! Finished 05:28:28 198 100km Male Masters 57
Fatboy Dirtworks 100 Finished 05:40:52 212 100km Male Masters 64
lozza6 First ever Dirtworks 100 Finished 05:52:44 336 100km Male Open 27
St3v30 100km dirt works classic Finished 05:59:38 308 100km Male Veteran 122
JOE First 100K finished in one piece. Finished 06:07:48 327 100km Male Super Masters 15
doc First Enduro attempt Finished 06:14:41 364 100km Male Masters 132
Buck A little better Finished 06:15:19 366 100km Male Open 47
philberesford Disappointed - but I got a wrist band! Finished 06:27:52 388 100km Male Veteran 130
BT 1st DW 100K Finished 06:33:09 436 100km Male Veteran 173
psd First Dirtworks (100k) Finished 06:34:28 440 100km Male Open 52
Trev Palindrome Finished 06:36:36 446 177
Azzking First 100km first ride over 35km Finished 06:39:11 455 100km Male Veteran 181
muffo Blue band of shame Finished 06:40:11 457 100km Male Masters 135
Ed Granny is not a dirty word Finished 06:42:36 470 100km Male Veteran 189
loki DW100 2010 Finished 07:02:30 526 100km Male Masters 160
Lach Its getting tougher in the old blokes' category Finished 07:04:31 527 100km Male Super Masters 33
obmal DW100 The return... what no race number? Finished 07:10:39 100km Male Veteran
pikey Another Dirtworks done and dusted! Finished 07:17:00 100km Male Masters
Brian First 100km Enduro Finished 07:32:53 590 100km Male Veteran 239
Horner Dirtworks 100km 2010 (my first one) Finished 08:15:24 634 100km Male Masters 193
CB Got that one out of the way ... Finished 08:25:27 100km Male Masters

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery
BT's picture

I'm IN. Did the 50K this year and this will be my first crack at the 100K. Looking forward to the canoe bridge!

Brian's picture

You get a DNF if you don't ride it Eye-wink

unclebullbar's picture

Under 6 hours?

Logan's picture

Hmmm considering it, the furthest I have done is 12 hour team enduro before.

I have been out on long 8 hour epic rides though so I reckon I might be able to handle it...

Edit entered!

Whisperer's picture

Entered - this'll be the last time as a 'master'
Got my eye on doing a good time in preparation for being at the 'young' end of super masters in 2011!
It's got to be a sub 5:30 this time!!!

davis_jnr's picture

This is going to be fun.

Let the training begin, i think it'll take me that long to get a reasonable level of fitness to complete this race.

Groover i think your up to 9 or 10 beers pre race is that right?

Carlgroover's picture

I learnt at the SS champs is how to race and drink at the same time, for the Friday arvo race I had 5 pre race beers, 1 more on the practice lap and the compulsory beer mid race.

The following day they had the option of the beer shortcut which I did the maximum allowed of 3 times. It cuts 3 mins off the lap and I was drinking the cans in around 20 secs, I knew all those drinking races of my youth would come in handy sometime as I passed alot of slow drinkers in the beer tent.

I need something to boost my performance by 3 mins in the DW this year to break 5 hours, it'll do soooo much for my testosterone fueled ego, so do you think the carbs of an extra 2 beers will do it?

Groover Smiling

Bernd's picture

"passed alot of slow drinkers in the beer tent"....
well first u blast fast pass ur SS mate and then miss the next corner and crash, but don't crash.... and then u run into the beer tent, not passed alot of... RUN into the beer tent, remember!!!! That was so much fun.....
I'll just do the 50k SS , hopefully fast!

Horner's picture

Any tips on how to approach the race and when to stop training prior?
I have done a couple of 50km, not fast (but done them) and want to try a 100km.

I've been riding 40-60km the last couple of weeks in training but am nervous of extending the ride to 100km and taking 8 hrs.

Advise please. Thanks

Rob's picture

@Horner... think the best thing to do if you're worried about the distance is just take your time and always ride in your comfort zone. I mean, don't push too hard and over-exert yourself or you risk 'blowing up' or 'hitting the wall' later on in the ride. Don't feel shy about using your granny ring to spin the legs on climbs you'd otherwise smash up - saving yourself for what is to come is the key.

I assume you mean you've done up to 60km non-stop as training rides? If you can finish that distance and have no ill-effects the following day (like super stiff legs, etc) then you'll be right for the 100.

Keep your hydration up and eat sensibly. Sugary foods and drinks are not the best, especially for 8 hours out there. On my first DW100 I took sandwiches and had a nice little lunch stop. If you're not out to set any records, why not?

obmal's picture

Take it easy and its an achievable 8ish hours of some great riding and then a cold beer as you cross the finish line!

I was in your shoes last year, not a lot of training and very nervous about it, come to think about it.. I all but passed out right on the finish line...

But I would have been in a lot better shape had I been a bit wiser about hydration and food.

I'm back for the 100 this year with not a real lot of training ( a few more training K's than last year, although probably canceled out by the few more KG's ).

hairylittlehobbit's picture

First Race of any kind, 50km. see how it goes i guess. looking for sub 3 hour time.

Horner's picture

Being the last weekend before the race (100km), should I be doing 80-100km this weekend in preparation for the race or should I be easing off and just doing a couple of hrs?

obmal's picture

I'm no training expert, but I'd try to not do a ride that would damage the leg muscles one week out from the race, try to pick a distance that wont have your legs in pain the next day or so... the time to smash them is next week end Eye-wink

BT's picture
Brian's picture

I've just noticed if you don't intend on riding the kayak bridge you will be asked to wade across the river holding you bike out of the water.

BT's picture

I was going to give it a crack anyway but it seems that the last pit stop is in the clearing just before the bridge, so I'm not sure if that eases congestion or creates it?

Horner's picture

Why wouldn't you ride the bridge, is it narrow or difficult to ride?

**** Found last years comments and photo's ******

Lach's picture

Just checked the tide charts for Wiseman's Ferry - bummer - low tide is at 7.25 am and high tide is at 1.22 pm - the quicker you get there the shallower it will be - and it can get a bit deep there. FWIW, it's a reasonably low high tide.

Be nice if the made the bridge one plank wider.......

Rob's picture

Give the number of people who don't ride the bridge, I would imagine that they must have made the it wider.

With a 'you must wade' directive one would expect that the bridge is either in a very shallow spot (possibly moved?) or they have made it so wide that wading won't really ever be needed 'cos it will be so easy to ride.

loki's picture

I'm wondering how to get to St Albans. I'm thinking of driving up early Sunday morning as I know I'll get no sleep if I try camping there Saturday night and some sleep at home in a comfy bed will be better than nothing!

I checked on Google Maps and it told me about 2 hours from Frenchs Forest, via Wiseman's or Peat's Ridge.
I'm thinking of going the Peat's Ridge way to avoid the ferry crossing.

However reading the Event Program they suggest Peat's Ridge Rd, Mangrove Mtn, Spencer & Gunderman. If I put this in Google Maps it says closer to 3 hours travel time! Google suggests Peat's Ridge, Kulnura, Bucketty, Mogo Creek and 2 hours.

Suggestions please?

BT's picture

We drove up on the day. Left about 5-5:30am and we made it with plenty of time for the start of the 50K. Coming from Queenscliff we went M2 Pennant Hills Rd - Dural - Old Northern Rd - Webbs Creek Ferry. Took no more than 2hrs from memory.

tate's picture

does anyone know if the trees and logs are still across the gnr between the 25km and 50km marks?

they were there 10 days or so ago, but not sure if they removed them in the weekend just been.


philberesford's picture

All trees and logs will have been cleared, they certainly did last year, can't see why they wouldn't get out the chainsaw again this time around.

When to travel?
I'm in for the 100ker so need to get there in plenty of time to register and line up for the toilet etc... but I'm thinking of driving up from Manly/Nth Beaches on the morning. Has anyone done this before? What time did you leave? and what was the ferry traffic like when you got up there?


BT's picture

If you're going up on the day and doing the 100K you'll have to go early. It takes about 2hrs from Queenscliff.

Lach's picture

Advice from Max adventures today:
"The bridge will still be only be two planks wide. Just for your reference high tide should still be crossable by foot."

"Should" indicates a level of uncertainty that I find uncomfortable Smiling

I'll probably still take the voluntary dip rather than risk an involuntary one........ Hopefully no deeper than the Highland Fling "early bath" the year it was wet right up until just before the race. If it is, I'd hate to be a short person. Then again, if I was a short person, I'd probably have a better centre of gravity for the ride across the bridge.....

Damien's picture

The bridge is too easy are you guys mountainbikers or what.

Whisperer's picture

Over the years the 'mob has gathered in the small camping area around to the right on Bulga St, rather than the big campground to the left (coming along Wharf St from the pub). It's kind of a handy spot, and nice and level.

So, whoever's getting up there in good time could grab an area for what's probably going to be at least 10 cars and a bunch of tents it would be good. Always nice to get the mob together! The locals usually direct people to the main camping areas, but if you say that you're meeting people and they have a space saved for you they usually let you go where you want.

I'll probably be up around 5'ish myself, and sleeping in the car.

So, unless I've missed another planning thread, this is a plan!

christine's picture

As long as you are clear on where is and where isn't ok to camp? The space we used last year and surrounding area is NOT for use this year. The bottom part of the paddock is fine. I trust that people with you will do the right thing this year unlike last year.

Whisperer's picture

Christine - the spot I'm proposing is not over at Espie St - if that is what you are suggesting.
The spot I've suggested is closer to event central - and it's where quite a few 'mobbers used to camp before there was the luxury of the old church.

ar_junkie's picture

May Wright's Creek seem like a gentle slope and for those doing the crossing in the 100km, hopefully the only thing getting wet is your appetite for the following hills... Eye-wink

Have a good one!

hawkeye's picture

How'd y'all go? I'm expecting everyone finished, and no crashes. Eye-wink

Did anyone fall in the drink? Evil

Rob's picture

I'm talking to Buck right now... he went swimming it seems Eye-wink

I head Steve01's team (TIC) managed 3rd in category and Bubble 4th in hers.

Looked like a top day here, congrats to all that finished Smiling

Steve 01's picture

Looks like I came 4th with a time of 4:40 could be the fastest time of Nobmob with a bit of luck

tate's picture

finished 4th. Opens though...

4h59min to just scrap in under 5h.

hairylittlehobbit's picture

Waiting for my results but i think roughly 2:45 for my first 50km. Cramped up so bad as i hit the road, i was the fool lying in the grass. Had a great time, i'll be back for sure.

I think my first investment will be some padded shorts.

Nick R's picture

Well done everyone - a perfect day.

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