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2008 Fox Talas RLC Forks

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By Wayno - Posted on 13 February 2010

I have a Reign 0 fitted with 2008 Fox Talas RLC forks. Over the past 6 months the seals have been replaced on 3 occassions. In the first instance the seals were leaking oil, then on the second occassion (approximately 3 months after the first) the seals were again leaking oil and on the third occassion the forks were suffering from stiction (when I released the travel setting from 100mm position to a longer travel position the fork remained stuck at the lower setting for extended periods of time before reaching full travel). My LBS changed the seals on the first two occassion and the forks were sent to the Fox appointed repairer at Blacktown on the third occassion. On the last two occassions the forks were found to be "full of rubbish" and they have advised me to clean my forks properly laying the blame squarely on poor maintenance. I clean the forks after every ride with clean water using a brush to remove any dirt so I am a little confused as to why this is happening so often.

Has anyone out there had similar problems with these fork?

PS A mate of mine has exactly the same bike and forks and we ride together every weekend and he hasn't had any problems in 12 months of owning the bike and he doesn't clean his forks after each ride. The one signifigant difference is that he doesn't use the travel adjustment settings.

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Fox forks are notorious for being high maintenance and are prone to these kinds of leaks. I have a 120mm set that I clean with a hose after most rides but have never had such issues. But as for 3 repairs in 6 months, that sounds like too much to me. Seeing we are all in the mood, Laughing out loud maybe you can make a written complaint?

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