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NZ South Island knowledge

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By brakeburner - Posted on 04 October 2014

Hi guys, I'm lucky enough to be spending Christmas nr Queenstown this year, the missus and I are going to take the XC bikes over and I know there are a plethora of single track rides and circuits there, but I have been instructed to find a scenic ride, my partners fairly fit so I would think something along the the lines of the Anderson and oaks with views? This ride could also be in Wanaka or maybe Arrowtown, any recommendations would be a great help.

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Just about anywhere there has views!
About 10 years ago we rode the Moke trail circuit. Found it too cross country at the time but perfect for what your looking for. Only caution would be traversing across some insanely steep mountain side along a fairly smooth but narrow bit of single track peppered with some sheep poop. Probably want to be a fairly confident rider...
Otherwise single tracks are overwhelming in their fun factor, like 7 mile (7 miles out of the south of Queen along the lake).

Wanaka has the famous sticky forest, also a nice ride out to it by lake Wanaka. This may suffice as,(from Memory),the trails are flowing and all the jumps, which start at the top as rollovers and progress up to a 1m gap have clear and easy ride around's. Plus riding to the top of the hill gives great views. There is also a dual slalom track in there.
Wanaka also has a beautiful ride alongside the outlet river from the lake (fire trail) and ... ok I'll shut up now, just go to the websites all maps and pictures are there.

(they are so organized and well marketed compared to some other bigger close by country's!!).

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The trails inside 7mile are great fun and there's a car park there if you don't want to ride out to it.

Here's a link to a loop me and my brother did last Christmas starting at 7 mile.

Check out my 29.1 km Ride on Strava:

There's a bit of road riding to start but it doesn't go for long. Awesome views over the lake halfway through the ride.

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Chicken and Pete, I knew there were a heap of options but hadn't started looking on the net yet, 7 mile and sticky forest sound perfect, going to check them out for starters! Cheers again for the links

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We had a tour of the South Island planned but pulled the pin mate due to renos and a Euro trip next year.
You still keen on a day at my place doing two skylights?

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Would of been good to hook up over there! From all the stories I'm hearing, I'm getting pretty excited!! I'll pm you about the skylights.

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