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NoBMoB xmas ride

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By sikllama - Posted on 26 November 2014

Sunday, 14 December, 2014 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

2.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest
Meeting Point: 

Park opposite/beside Terrey Hills shops, corner Booralie Rd/Yulong Ave. Or in the small carpark next to the RFS station & community centre.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Last years ride was a hoot so its on again - the NoBMoB xmas ride!

A moderately paced ride via Perimeter and Long trails and return to Terrey Hills - for those wanting a little more excitement we'll also take in some St Ives singletrail including Muppet Show etc and maybe Epiphany (recent reports suggest this is 'open' again).

Some of you may have missed the fine print in the recent announcement from NPWS banning smoking in National Parks - red mankinis are also no longer acceptable, especially whilst riding mountain bikes over rough terrain Eye-wink This, I'm sure, will be great news for those of us still scarred from a rogue element during last year's festivities - though what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Come along and talk bikes, whether one-way local trails are a good idea and argue the merits of lynching people who ride closed trails Smiling

Who's in?
hawkeye, Hans, naz, Jonathan, spindog, andyfev, Black Flash, ahein, sikllama, jaffa, Mojo Ridin, judoka, flowbikes (13 riders)
hawkeye Hans naz Jonathan spindog andyfev Black Flash ahein sikllama jaffa Mojo Ridin judoka flowbikes
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Brian's picture

Bummer. I'm away Sad

danielschipper's picture

Would have been great to join you all but found out today that an off on the weekend resulted in a fractured scaphoid (wrist). Cast on tomorrow and could be on for 3 months.

See you all on the trails in the new year!

Lach's picture

..would like to be there, but have a family Christmas Party up the central coast that day...

rossco_'s picture

Job relocation and waiting work permit. If still in Australia, definitely come. Wonder if the mankini guy is still there.

ido09s's picture

How many k's and whats the pace normally?

Would love to put some faces to names and ride some new trails but I haven't been on my bike for some time and am worried I wont make it Sad

sikllama's picture

@ido09 - looking at last years ride we averaged just under 16km/hr for 2hr45m ride time and did just over 40kms. - would be looking to do something similar this time round. So certainly not fast and furious - and we will probably have a decent break at the end of Long trail whilst we wait for someone to set up a camera shot...

The good thing about riding the trails around Terrey Hills is that if you wanted to only do 20ish kays you could just do the Perimeter/Long combo out and back - a few guys did that last year.

ido09s's picture

Will keep an eye on this thread I guess and see if anyone posts up wanting to do a shorter ride as I doubt I would last 40klms even at that pace Sad

I will run through youtube tonight and see what the trails look like. If they are reasonably flat with not a lot of climbing I may show up.

sikllama's picture

Its worth coming along just to see @BlackFlash ride with Antlers Smiling

P/L is just non technical undulating firetrail with a few pinch climbs but nothing scary - its a great trail for beginners but lots of people continue to ride it as it has pretty awesome views at the end and is a good workout if you push yourself.

ido09s's picture

that's a bit different then I guess. I can handle fire trails no worries.

Its not the fact I am a beginner, I love Manly Dam, its my fitness levels Sad About the only part of the Dam I cant do is the big climb out from the creek, kills me every time. In years of riding there I think I have only ever made it up there on the bike twice lol

hawkeye's picture

A couple of bottles of gatorade in the Camelbak and a few slices of Christmas cake and you'll be fine Smiling

andyfev's picture

I've been looking for an opportunity to ride the trails in my area with guides for ages... This looks perfect.

I'm not particularly quick uphills, in fact you could say their my enemy but I can keep pace on flats and descending, whether it be still attached to the bike or not Eye-wink

sikllama's picture

Looking at your time at the kowalski Andy you'll be at the front of the pack for this ride Smiling did you end up doing the fling?

@blackflash please bring a camelback so I can give you a beer for last year's effort... Better late than never right.

Black Flash's picture

Might swap the antlers and red nose for a Santa suit.... Seeing as @pancakes took the last mankini...

It's a good thing to remember this is a very social ride. Have fun, dress up. I wrapped my entire bike in tinsel last year! There will be no strava heros.

The trails are pretty much the easiest on the beaches, imagine riding around lake narrabeen with the occasional hill and rock thrown in.
@siklama, I hope the beer comes in a carbon container, glass is so last century. Smiling

andyfev's picture

@sikllama - never did the fling this year as my training dropped off to an almost zero after the Kow. After last years fling disaster I knew it was pointless entering. Further to that, it's not really my cup-of-tea... I much prefer rocky technical stuff than open paddocks... Each to their own.

Training hasn't exactly improved much lately either so I'll be hanging out the back of the pack enjoying my orientation to the trial network around Terry Hills.

Trycycle's picture

idio09s you sound a whole lot fitter than me! I'll have to dust off the bike and try get a couple of smaller rides in (find my balance again) before tackling this one.

Looking forward to catching up with you Siklama - it must be nudging 12months now!

pancakes's picture

Now you mention it Back Flat, I have been compelled to buy every mankini I've come across, no wait...bad choice of words..., every mankini I've seen. It's a community service as a preventative measure against you getting your hands on one. Sticking out tongue

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

hawkeye's picture

All it takes is some 80 grit wet and dry, a tube of contact glue from somebody's tyre repair kit, and for you to distract him for a few minutes while I "fix" his saddle, and the mankini will promptly disappear. Evil

Oh, wait...

Black Flash's picture

Terrey hills seems to be spared most of the main sydney has been receiving. May well be damp. But not soaking. 7 days to go!
@hawkeye, as pancakes has snapped up all the remaining mankinis in Australia... Any chance you could bring one back from NZ? You might need a few as @hans will want one and I'm sure and @siklama won't want to miss out on this amazing bit of kit...
Just make sure mine has a "C" on the back in the same font as Cannondale. And of course Enve on the front
Haha lol.

pancakes's picture

Cannondale C on your crack? Makes perfect sense to me. Laughing out loud

hawkeye's picture

proved insurmountable I'm afraid.

Despite my better judgement, I asked for a mankini but they thought i wanted a "manky" ... which is a big "man-sized" handkerchief about the size of a tea towel.

I decided not to go into a detailed description... it would have been too much information. I just couldn't bring myself to inflict that kind of mental image on an innocent kiwi. Sticking out tongue

Black Flash's picture

I've requested a damp, but not wet track for Sunday. Santa said he would do his best.
Looking fwd to it! Just have to find some reindeer to pull my bike...

sikllama's picture

Forecast is for the chance of showers between now and Sunday with no major rain events so hopefully it wont be too wet out there. Terrey Hills hasnt quite had the amount of rain those lucky enough to live in Belrose/Frenches Forest/Turrmurra have had - my lawn is green but needs a good mow.

We may need to consider avoiding the St Ives sniggle, the eastern end gets especially boggy after sustained rain - we'll make a call on the day. Centre/DH might be an alternative after P/L.

@BlackFlash I went to Uncle Dan's during the week and requested a carbon bottled beer. The girl just looked at me like I was from Mars so light-weight aluminium it is instead hehehe.

See everyone Sunday!

Black Flash's picture

Did the sun dance. It seems to have worked.
The more the merrier on this fun and very Cruisey ride.

pancakes's picture

You forgot the *

* apart from when the red mist descends and the hammer gets dropped!

C3PO's picture

Assume the trails are fine. Is anyone riding there tomorrow morning? Half thinking of riding there from top of Manly Dam.

sikllama's picture

Well the sun dancing has worked thx guys and we're in for a partly cloudy morning with light winds. Perfect.

The full route will be P+L, turning right at the junction of perimeter on the return leg (20k'ers turn left and head back to terrey hills here), cullamine, sandy, Ryland, epiphany, st ives sniggle to the nursery then full sniggle eastbound via muppet show, larool and back to terrey hills (45kms).

Please bring enough water and food for your nominated distance (we'll be stopping for food breaks) and let's have a great morning on the bike Smiling

Black Flash's picture

My bike has been tinselfied and I'll be sporting some antlers again...

andyfev's picture

May or may not be there. If I'm not there by 8am I won't be coming so don't wait. I'll update the post in the early morning.

C3PO's picture

I'm out unfortunately. Was looking forward to meeting everyone. Our 2yr is up sick so I won't be there as my wife will have the older ones tomorrow morning and I'll be with the little bloke. Have a great ride and Christmas everyone. Hopefully I'll meet a few folk at some stage in 2015. Thanks for all the advice, articles and general banter on tis site.

Black Flash's picture

Go on, you know you want to. If you ride up, I'll tag along.

andyfev's picture

Hey Black Flash. I'd really like too my issue is time. I'm studying my MBA and haven't got any planned study done today. That said, what time do you think we'd need to leave from mine if I was to go?

Stevros's picture

Sorry lads can't make it. Hope you have a good one

Black Flash's picture

Happy to swing by around 7:30-7:40?

andyfev's picture

@Heath... I'll post up early in the morning pre 7am once I gauge the missus and kids whereabouts. If their gonna be home I won't get any study done anyway so might as well ride. But if their heading out early as planned I'll stay home and use the time to study instead... Damn studying!

andyfev's picture

I'm out. Kid duty whilst wifey sleeps then a boring day of study. Enjoy the ride guys

Jonathan's picture

thanks for a great ride everyone and thanks for pushing me along with the antlers Smiling weather turned out great but I need more time in the saddle to keep up with you blokes.

Great putting some names to faces.

Until next year..


ahein's picture

Thanks for the ride it was great to meet some new people and that sun dance worked a treat Eye-wink.

Merry Christmas all and I hope Santa brings you the bike bling you have been asking for.


Black Flash's picture

Thanks sikllama for organising the ride again.
Merry Christmas everyone (yes I know there are 10 days to go)
See you all on the trails.

Mojo Ridin's picture

Thanks for posting the ride Rob, it was great to see so many old faces and meet some new guys too. Have a great Christmas everyone and see you out there.

hawkeye's picture

Goes to show you can't sit on your laurels for too long... that ride back up "37 waterbars" was tough! Just what the doctor ordered to blow out the cobwebs. Laughing out loud

Looks like carbon wheels are the new black!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Who's up for a ride between Christmas and New Year?

sikllama's picture

Beautiful morning on the bike and the company wasn't bad either Smiling Hope everyone had a good ride.

A few of the group got up the loose pinch climb today - need to devise a tougher challenge for next year! The two kids who tagged along put most of the group to shame with their effortless climbing and were still going strong on the Perimeter return leg. Awesome effort.

A bent spoke and a tubeless flat (remember that sealant kids) were the only mechanicals. A near miss with a wallaby on Larool trail at 35km/hr and eating horse s@#& on the descent to Keirans Creek were the only other things threatening to dampen the day - haha

Saving up for carbon rims for next years ride...

@Hawkeye lived up to his name by spotting a tyre that hadn't quite fully seated after inflation saving a potential unscheduled dismount for one lucky rider. r.e. new years ride if you're thinking about the weekend of 27/28th Dec I'd be keen - where are you thinking?

Merry Christmas all, and a happy and safe new year.

jaffa's picture

Great to meet you all. I really enjoyed the ride.

Very pleased that the mankini didn't make an appearance!

I'm up for a ride between Chrissie and NY

Merry Xmas

hawkeye's picture

I'm off between Christmas and NY so any day is fine by me.

Could be any combination of a fast training ride, road ride for anyone who has a roadie, or an exploration of the tracks off West Head. Maybe sessioning some of the obstacles at Serrata is on the cards as well. Manly Dam (need to get back to riding that more regularly) as well.

Nigsi's picture

Just realised I have missed this ride which is a bit gutting. I'm relatively new to the area and was looking to get some cross country rides in with a few like minded people in the local trails. I'm based in Avalon and just moved over from the uk with my family, been riding for years so if anyone wants to meet up and show a pomme round some cross country trails, let me know.

hawkeye's picture

I'll probably book something in for this weekend and the weekend after Christmas. What's your preferred distance?

Nigsi's picture

I'm easy, anything from 20-50k, whatever fits.

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