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Kevin Costner Extension

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By Brenos - Posted on 12 May 2016

Just a heads up, but it looks like the reasonably new extension of KC (behind the houses) is going to be cleared to make the parkway wider. There's barrier flags going across the trail a few times, which kinda sucks. Had to throw the anchors out pretty hard to stop in time.

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Yes, I was involved in design of the road upgrades around the new hospital and from the pedestrian overbridge to the north, Wakehurst Parkway will be widened, likely destroying that extension and the pump track near Warringah Road.

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Going by where the rope/flags are, there's still enough space to have a trail there. Trail fairies will come up with the goods again Smiling

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Hey Pants

I see from the documentation I got via Brad Hazzard that there is what looks like reasonable cycling infrastructure going east-west through that area, but not a lot (nothing?) going north-south to cater for road-going bike riders using Wakehurst Parkway to and from Narrabeen, or Forest Way.

Is that a fair assessment? Puzzled

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Nice new footpath from Warringah Road, down Parkway to Aquatic Drive (Aquatic Dr is being joined to Parkway).

But the work stops at about the pedestrian bridge. Parkway is not changing. Would be nice to have the shoulder widened! Even I don't cycle along that road as it's too dangerous.

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