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By lozza6 - Posted on 22 October 2008

My new bike!

Further to this story here:

I actually called around like mad to see who still had stock on the floor to see if I could get the old price... A few had it on the floor but would not sell it at the old price.. $4900 for the 2009 Reign 0. Sad

Managed to get a hold of Bike Addiction who also said can't do the old price even though they had stock... :\ I said.. cummon! On the website it was still stated at $4295... so eventually they agreed and whammo.. 1 please Smiling

I could've gotten it cheaper had I bought earlier.., but thats the price for procrastinating Sticking out tongue

So, goodbye to the old... :'(

My Old Yeti 575

And hello to the new!!!! So here it is...

to the cries of foul from all our Yeti owners...

My new team jianté Bike!

Giant Reign 0

Giant Reign 0

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Think you've done the right thing Loz - $$ aside.

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Nice bike Lozza! I've been having an eye on the Reign 0 for a while too for a "fun bike".
I'm impressed you even managed to get a deal with the expensive BA store.

Now I don't quite understand why you decided to get another AM bike on top of the Yeti? Eye-wink I thought you were going to get a SS Laughing out loud


lozza6's picture

its goodbye to the Yeti!! thats why there'll be sacrilegious cries soon! Sticking out tongue

*ducks for cover*

I must say I can only say great things about BA... Nicho and Dave served me well, offered loads of discounts on more items I bought from them along with the bike! Smiling

So top service by them.. had me up on the bike for ages making sure everythign was setup just right! Smiling

Top job by them!


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Picked up my new '09 giant trance x2 on thursday from BA. Nicho and Sean had me there for ages helping dial in the bike.
Lucky me because I asked for the bike almost 6 weeks ago, I got it at the original 09 price... 600 cheaper than the current 09 price! which is handy. New 15mm thru axle meant having to cop out 250 for new roof rack mount from thule... worth it though!

lozza6's picture

It is nice isn't it! Smiling

One of the major reasons why I went with the 09, over an older 08.

LadyToast's picture

Loz - how could you sell the Yeti?

Are you expecting the trance to be 4 grand better than the Yeti? I presume you have test ridden etc etc..

(Don't worry, I'll still talk to you, I just won't fancy you anymore Eye-wink)

lozza6's picture

I really wanted it but my timing was atrocious!

The new Yeti was beckoning and I was ready to get her, then our dollar went south SO FAST!! The bike has gone up $almost $2000!!!!

Oh well, this bike should do well.. its a Reign, so 6" and sits at around 12.6ish KG.... Not bad I reckon! Also managed to do an entire lap of the Dam with propedal completely off. Not ideal but something I would have probably struggled with on a Single Pivot....

Who knows.. if/when our $$ comes back.. maybe I'll get a new Yeti! Laughing out loud

LadyToast's picture

hehe, don't worry mate, I'm just having a dig. For what it's worth I ride the dam with out pro pedal too, those steps are just too easy now. I remember talking to you about new Yeti's, they are SO expensive at the moment, it's an exorbitant amount to spend on any hobby, let alone one you chuck down the trail most rides (well I do anyway).

Looking forward to checking it out soon, I'm sure you'll love it, they look choice!

v's picture

Hey Lozz !
Vanina here Smiling
....Yeti for Giant mmmmm I am not sure about this trade...
but you have had a great price for the bike (do you have the RP23 as rear shock ??)
I am going to trade my trance 1 (my Pearl is dying Sad ) for a Yeti or something else (but not a Giant) and I like the look of single pivot bike ...but at the moment I can just dream of a new bike as I have no job yet Sad boooo

Paul's picture


I keep hearing that Giant makes a very adequate bike, so all those 1000's of Giant riders can't be wrong.

You can also look on the bright side;
(1) At least you can tell people that you once owner a quality bike.
(2) When you sell the Yeti you will probably make money on it - can't do that with a Giant.

It will interesting to see how your 100k time stacks up?

lozza6's picture

I knew it! Smiling

V, this should just spur you on more to get the Yeti ASR alloy! Laughing out loud 1 for 1.. We cant lose a Yeti rider.. you must fill the spot! Laughing out loud

Yeap, its an RP23 large air volume version. I must admit, I do like the specs of this... X0 rear, XT front, Talas RL 15QR, X-9 shifter and Elixirs... It goes great!

Paul, as for the 100 fling, that may be in question... Sad Work might be sending me over to Canada for a few weeks......


Little-Ditty's picture

Lets make sure you have the balls to match the bike. Laughing out loud Roll on the weekends at Menai and Red Hill...

lozza6's picture

Now that I have the extra 6.35mm on the rear I need to grow some ballz! Laughing out loud

Also have some knee/shin pads as well as elbows, so will hopefully come to some bigger rides Smiling

pikey's picture

Welcome from the dark side Lozza.

Maestro suspension is the true winner, (like VHS over Beta)
All bikes makers wish to achieve/copy this level of comfort and performance.

The Yeti, well they are a good example of good marketing like IBM's V Macs. the Macs were ahead of their time but IBM pc's were marketed better, enter Rob, Ev, Craig. Oh and Paul to defend his Yeti Sticking out tongue

I, for the record, have a Giant Reign 06. 100km races to 5 foot drop off's, this is the true all mountain bike.


Salad is what food eats Smiling

LadyToast's picture

Pikey - not only trying to start a Giant vs Yeti fight, but now a PS vs Mac, I sense dangerous waters Laughing out loud

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