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PC == Mac

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By Rob - Posted on 24 October 2008

Well - given that a PC is essentially a Mac these days the point is mute.

And by that I mean when they are both running a decent O/S like Linux you can't tell the difference! Eye-wink

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Yeh Pikey what Rob said

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Why not bring up debates like: Holden v Ford; Evolution v Creationism v Intelligent Design while you're at it?


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Oh... peeeeeas:

Holden v Ford: Neither - they are both gas guzzling piles of junk. Pedal power wins every time.

Evolution v Creationism v Intelligent Design: None of the above - Aliens!

Anyone hungry? Eye-wink

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Mac OS = Unix Eye-wink
Well sort of... Laughing out loud


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Super Mario Bros 2 was definately outclassed by Alex Kidd in Miracle World, but Nintendo brought The Mega Drive to a crashing halt when Mario grew a tail and learnt how to fly in Super Mario Bros 3.


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Was such a rip off of the Oh wait...

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what about in MTB what would the googlefight be? Yeti != Giant ? Eye-wink


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na that would be DW link v Maestro v VVP v What-ever-mongoose-call-their-thing-now


Single pivot v 4 bar


Ellsworth v the world

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What about Front load Vs Top load - I'm a big supporter of the front load

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Can't go wrong with ellsworth Smiling

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tell me I'm wrong? I had an Amiga 500 that had excellant graphics and an internal sound card as standard. When i got myself a PC or "IBM clone" as they were in those days you had to buy a sound card and graphics cards......go figure?

And Beany...The font loader is the best washing machine for your cloths.

Toyota's are better than any other make for crossing rivers and climbing mountains.

Gas is better than electric stoves.

long finger nails are a sign of a nose picker

Rob doing an organised event will have a medic in tow

its all opinion

Blah, Blah, Blah


Salad is what food eats Smiling

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