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2009 Australian Solo 24hr Nationals

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By Damien - Posted on 17 November 2008

Saturday, 11 April, 2009 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Majura Pines
Meeting Point: 

Majura Pine Forest, off Majura Road.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Its now all go with the official web site now up check it out here .

Ok the race is almost upon us and we have quite a bit of nobmob interest and it looks like we should have a large contingent competing and supporting so it should be an awesome weekend. If you are going to enter hopefully you have been training your arse off if not you have a little more time to get organised but definitely not too much so get on that bike and go riding and if you don’t feel like a ride its called training so get out there and do some.

It’s on at Easter again this year being the 10,11,12 & 13th of April for 2009 with the race being run on the Saturday & Sunday. I didn’t finish last years race but I still had a great time where else do you get to ride your bike non stop if you chose for 24hrs. So just how much do you love to ride this is your chance to really test your endurance.

I will be there going solo on the singlespeed this time and plan to ride the whole race non stop it will be great to have some other nobmob silly buggers there so are you up for it you know you want to.

Who's in?
christine, dreggsy, GAZZA, Carlgroover, Damien, Beany, LadyToast, Supagav, Critty, v, Scott (11 riders)
christine dreggsy GAZZA Carlgroover Damien Beany LadyToast Supagav Critty v Scott
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Carlgroover 2009 solo 24 hr Nationals Finished 35 24:00:39 15 Solo Male 45 - 49 2
Critty 24 Nationals report! Finished 34 24:09:23 17 Solo Male 35 - 39 3
v 24hr virgin survivor Finished 34 24:39:43 3 Solo Female 30 - 34 1
Damien Good Stuff Finished 25 24:00:48 38 Solo Male 40 - 44 6
Supagav Support for 24hr solo Did not start

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Critty's picture

Hey crew, I'm thinking about doing my first 24 solo at the National in April.
I've always been curious about whether I could finish one and I
figure the sooner I do it the quicker the fear will go way Smiling

It was inspiring camping right in the middle of the top 3 solo dudes
at the Jetblack on the weekend (especially John, who looked like he was on
a social ride at Hazo Smiling

It looks like I'll be on my own so it would be cool if I could camp near
John & Damien and any other 24hr nobs!

If anyone has any tips or advice I would really appreciate it as I'm still
learning bike maintenance 101 (I can now change brake pads - Thanks Cupcake!)

The only training I'll be able to fit in is 2-3 day long rides, my rides to work
which is 10km each way, and a 12 week James Wilson strength training program.

I'll have to do some solid research on nutrition and maybe try to find a spare bike
as a back-up!

So if anyone been thinking about giving the solo a try, let me know and we can bust
our cherries at the Nationals!



LadyToast's picture

I can feel my arm being twisted already...

christine's picture

the Easter long weekend?
it may be fun to come down and 'help out' - anyone else thinking about watching these mad men?

Damien's picture

Hey Chris it really is a lot of fun really and not all that scary honest.Eye-wink

You are more than welcome to pitch your tent next to me as I will have my own big tarp this time and a few extra creature comforts you are welcome to share.

As for training do as much as you can fit in saying that though I did nothing for last years event and still had a good time even with a DNF.

There should be a few of us around and about down there as V and Gavin will be heading down too.

Gazza wants to do it he just needs a good prod.

jdb's picture

I'm booked in to help Mr Unstoppable but should have time to help other Mob riders

LadyToast's picture a helper anyway. I'll be going down to support Critty, and anyone else that needs it.

Can we get a nobmob banner made up Smiling

christine's picture

This comment has been moved here.

Rob's picture

Oh dear. I have just noticed Pratiwi will be away with her sister this weekend and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. There is no way I could ever ride 24 hours solo but it might be worth a social entry. I believe social entrants are allowed to stop and sleep and give up any time they like? Eye-wink

Dylan - is that enough arm twisting? Eye-wink

LadyToast's picture

I wonder if we can create the largest support team at the CORC Smiling

Stuart M's picture

You can lay down as often as you like

Let there be light

anke13's picture

I'd be up for watching, helping, cheering on etc. Would you have space for one in your ute?

GAZZA's picture

but i dont know how my back would last over 24 hours? do we have a nobmob chiro or could someone walk over my back every couple of hours? ( keep the jokes clean paul,pikey and stuart!)

Damien's picture

Not sure about my back going the distance either so I have started some serious training for my core strength and stretching excersises as it really is starting to anoy me in the longer races and I am sick of it hopefully I will have it sorted by Easter.

v's picture

Hey i will be heading down to give this one a bit of a go as well. It is going to be a big learning curve as it will be my first solo 24hr event as well... I am a bit worried as to how I will cope without a sleep though. I will find out I guess:-)
Anyway Gav will be there as support crew as well. It will be COOL to have a NoBMoB support crew!

Carlgroover's picture

It's great you're up for the challenge and it's good I showed it in a positive light. I'm not trying to put you off but I do look a lot worse for wear on the wrong side of 20 hours, ask Rob how I was when he collected my lights from me at Stromlo.

I'm happy to help you with tips I've learned from doing 24's. I'm helping V and Gav plan for the event so maybe we should all do a ride then talk about the race planning after wards. The DVD 24 solo is a great inspiration to me and I haven't watched since before the JetBlack 24 hour so I'd be almost ready to watch it again if you're interested.

I'm fortunate that Jay aka JDB has offered to support me (you can't have too much help) with my wife Louise this year as I'm expecting a tough race with last years winner and the world champion in my age group who blew up at about midnight in last years race. If you're aiming for the podium you need to plan for very fast pit stops and no mistakes.

It sounds like it'll be a fantastic Easter if we get a good MoB going down as this is one exciting race with Australia's best there which is also the worlds best, as Australians got 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th in elite male and 2nd in elite female last year and stacks of podiums in the other categories, so I think the World Solo Champs should be held in Australia sometime soon.

v's picture

This comment has been moved here.

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but it's my 40th weekend. i have a sick side of me that wants you all to talk me into this one!

Carlgroover's picture

1. Come on down to Majura you'll love it.
2. Because you won't be pushing hard your back will last the distance.
3. I'll reveal my 24hour secrets to success
4. Gazza we need you there!
5. It's also guaranteed to be a memory that lasts forever!
6. It's fun Smiling

Critty's picture

Thanks for the feedback!
I'm feeling a lot better now that I know there's a few of us going.
Sunday's good for me for a training ride!

Damien's picture

Click the star Gazza now and then theres no turning back and you will still have plenty of time to get ready for it.

Damien's picture

The solo 24hr nationals web site is up with all the info for this years race

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with a mate tonight(over an afternoons worth of beers!) and i'm thinking that i might do this on my enduro! 'MAD' you might think but with 2inch tyres on it'll be a 24 solo sofa! at the end of the day, im not thinking of winning it and, all in all its a ligtweight bike with a lot of travel. i've done enough 8 hour solos to know how much it hurts on a short travel bike. i'm not gonna be carving corners or sprinting uphills. all i'll need is my back, arms and wrists to be in good shape. i'm gonna do some time trials soon round the dam. watch the space!

Carlgroover's picture

You almost need 2 bikes any way and the enduro if it gives you more comfort will probably be the faster bike for you, as it is the pain that does a lot of the slowing down for you in one of these.

Damien's picture

Its a long haul 24 solo a comfy bike like that could be the right choice if your just out to finish the thing. My plan is to treat it like a very very easy ride I wont be racing anyone I will be happy if I get to the end this year.

Brian's picture

Use the Enduro at the next WWS round.

GAZZA's picture

let me do that test round at the dam!

christine's picture

i am sooo excited you are going to do this! it's even making me re-consider the Manly home game and maybe still coming down - in fact... i now have to wonder if i can fit both in - this weekend sounds like a total hoot!

christine's picture

sorry, i only just saw your name there beany - too good - we just need Liam to pop down now.. Smiling

Damien's picture

Check out the 2009 web site some things havent been update yet from 2008 but have a look anyway.

christine's picture

actually entered this yet? (george?!!)

Damien's picture

Entries arent open yet.

christine's picture

moment, but i just went to your link and it says entries are closed... now, i know today my attention span is worse than usual so can someone check that for me please? thank you! Smiling

dangersean's picture

If you click on the 'home' button on the site it will refresh to this year's updated page and read 'entries open soon'
I panicked too! I'm tempted to enter the 6+6, didnt want to miss out thru procrastination.

christine's picture

thank you - of course, i wasn't panicked, i just thought i got to have easter at home instead of being abused by tired solo riders...

Damien's picture

The site is not totaly up to date but you wont miss out as you can even enter at the race.

LadyToast's picture

It's not as if it's going to sell out is it Smiling Can't be that many nutters entered for this one.

Damien's picture

All go with online entries open.

GAZZA's picture

i entered last night. suppose it's too late to turn back now! sob sob!!!!!!

Damien's picture

Good stuff Gazza you will enjoy it really Smiling

christine's picture

I am an official 'supporter' - George and Mildred will no doubt be in fine style!

congratulations George - very exiciting! (please have my tent up and ready for my arrival!) lol

LadyToast's picture

Is anyone planning on getting there on Friday morning? Obviuosly it makes sense to have a decent size area for the nobmob camp so reserving space track side would be decent.

What is the tarp count? John, I presume you are taking yours, do we need to find another?

At the last 24 we had a great location trackside between Jason English, John the unstoppable and Chris um...??? (can't remember his name, he came second). It would be great to be in the thick of it again.

I think I heard that cars are not allowed near the camp area too.

Damien's picture

I will be getting down there early on Friday but its not possible to set up right next to the track.

I will probably be setting up camp down the hill a bit from the main area on the left as you come in through the gate where there is a relatively flat grassy patch. I will have a tarp off the front of my tent it is a 4 x 6m. There is not a whole lot of open available space as you get closer to the main area of the race to make a large camping site with big tarps.

During the race all the action is up at transition anyway you really just need the tent for the Friday and Sunday nights.

LadyToast's picture

Thanks Damien

I've not been there before, at the transition area is there space for any tarps or is it standing room only? Support wise it makes sense to have all of our stuff close to hand as the riders come through. Are the places along the track we can set that support tarp up?

Damien's picture

Last year the transition area was standing room only there are tables and it is also covered you will have plenty of time between laps to get anything extra you need from our base camp.

2008 24hr Solo Transition

Critty's picture

Dylan an I will be arriving mid afternoon on Friday, ready for a couple of hotlaps Smiling. Will there be enough room under your tarp Damien? or should we look at getting a second?

We finally got a chance today to go over the list of what we need to bring. Here's a couple of items we can bring to the camp!

*Camping table
*Gas heater & cooker
*3 chairs
*Large white board
*Ground tarps
*20 litre water container
*Bike stand

Still need.
*Do you guys use painkillers? will nurofen do the job?
*Extra Ay-up battery packs. (does anyone have any spare battery packs?)
*Taper, 50% of 0 training = taper done!! Eye-wink

Do you guys stay overnight on Sunday? It sounds like a good idea!

I can't believe it's NEXT weekend!!

Carlgroover's picture

to arrive before lunch on Friday but Mr Groover senior (my Dad) will be there already with hopefully a spot marked out, however if it is the same as last year there is a very short area track side that is completely taken well before Friday, I think you have to be a local to personally book a spot early enough.

I have emailed CORC asking if like the Scott24 people that have results from last year can get trackside reserved spots and they are considering that as well as opening up the paddock on the right side on transition which would solve the problem.
I'll ask again.

Carlgroover's picture

I'll take my tarp but may not find a large spot for it, if we can find a good spot we could all use it as a base to store gear and transition.
Nurofen is popular as is Panadol and you can take both.
Bring it on. I can't wait!

hawkeye's picture

Solo lady next to us at the fat tyre festival used nurofen. seemed a bit sus to me.

Damien's picture

My new tarp is only 3.8m x 5.9m around about half the size of the one we were under at the Sydney 24 its perfect for the front of my tent but another wouldnt go astray. John will be there too not sure what he is taking best check with him.

Your list looks like a good start I dont have a list the only thing I am not tacking this time is a white board as my next lap will always be after the last one.

Definately take your own water.

I try not to use pain killers but will have some just in case (I want to finish this time). I even have a secret (legal) pill as a last resort to keep me awake. Various creams for the rear end are also a good idea.

Extra batterys are handy there is a charging tent available as well I belive. I run Lupine lights so cant help with the ayup batterys but there must be a few willing to help out here on nobmob.

Taper no taper for me yes I wish I had trained more but my rear granny gear came in the mail today so I should be good to go for the full 24hours.

Definately staying over on the Sunday night.

Carlgroover's picture

Sunday night to eat drink lie around and talk about the madness of the past 24 hours. Also you won't be OK to drive and even your support crew won't be looking too fresh.

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