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24hr meeting

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By v - Posted on 18 February 2009

I agree we should all get together and have a ride then talk about 24hr racing/planning and training! Should we plan something for next weekend. I will bring the cake...

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Sunday is good for me, Critty are you keen? Gazza? Rob? Dylan?

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Sure thing... moved this to it's own thread so as not to confuse everyone. Who wants post a nice fun ride with a meeting after?

I have no excuse not to show up to the main event so guess entries need making. Majura is my favourite course so bring it on? <scared/>

The 6+6 is an option but guess that means no night riding and that's half the fun. Have started making some new lights... should be good! Laughing out loud

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Sadly I can't make this weekend, camping in the snowy mountains (watch it rain on me for a second weekend in a row).

Have fun!

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Shall we have the meeting/ ride Next weekend on Sunday the 1st of March is that ok with you John??

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is good with me.

LadyToast's picture

Yeah, me too.

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I'm in.

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well i might be literally! i'll be nursing a hangover from birthday celabrations. never mind! enjoy.

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I just ordered it, the preview looks incredible.

I can't wait to see Gordo re-write the ending Smiling

Thanks for the tip John!

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Again and again and again and again Smiling

GAZZA's picture

do you order it from?

Critty's picture

This was the cheapest I could find.

US$26.50 delivered.

Carlgroover's picture

It's the best value for money item there is to do with cycling.

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Its great I watch it more than any other DVD in my collection.

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If Saturdays a possibility that would be great! otherwise I'll
jump on the next ride.

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The ride/meeting has been posted now. looking forward to it!!!

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