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Jetblack MTB101

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By Damien - Posted on 21 January 2009

One more event to add to the calendar Jetblack MTB 101.

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As Buller Bike Festival!

I dont ride my bike, my bike rides me... we are currently in counseling...

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my birthday!

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i am kind of interested in the 50 and don't seem to have any comps on between the Sydney 24hr and the Mont...
Is anyone planning on going to this?

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I might go down to this one and wondered has anyone else ever ridden these tracks?
I also remember seeing a post from Pivot Mach 5 aka Darren that he is going to do it, but was looking to share the drive down.

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Yes i signed up for the hungee and one and it looks like ill have to take the train! if anyone has space im happy to pay petrol and lunch etc.

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I'm thinking about entering the 50km. I have no comps in March, so would be a perfect one before the Mont24.

Carlgroover's picture

Darren I could pick you up from Penrith train station if that would help.

CB's picture

Any idea what the terrain is like ? I've never ridden down near Nowra. Do you know if its comparable to DW or Doctor or Fling ?

I'm kind of luke warm about this one for some reason... maybe the 25k laps thing.


PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Ill have to consider the options as i guess ill need to carry a heap of stuff. Pick up from penriff could be good.
Thanks for offer and ill get back to you in the near future. Darren.

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...that weekend Sad

Elite Energy events are very well organised, so should be a blast!

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I love the fact that you were able to use the local spelling for penriff, but many down there now pronounce it pemriff, but they're the dudes that also wear fongs & flanno's in winter Eye-wink

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I love it.

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