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WWS Yellowmundee???

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By Eyeball - Posted on 27 February 2009

One week to go and no entries!
Flynny? Anybody know anything? Loved the series, but it's getting difficult.

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Online entries will probably be made available over the weekend or the beginning of next week...

They like us to be champing at the bit.

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see you there guys!

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Not sure if i can make it but .....

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Here's a link directly to the online entry form:

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So who is riding this round?

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Solo mens. anyone else? i possibly might need a lift there and back from the city? keep you posted.

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Think I'm a maybe. Anyone going to post it in the calendar to keep track of who's planning on being there. Last year's WWS at the same place doesn't seem very long ago at all.

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I'm actually going to do loop the lake I haven't registered but you can pay the morning of the ride.

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see you there

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