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Solo 24hr

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Congrats Jason English: Solo 24 World Champ for the 5th time!

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Racing often takes a bit of a back seat here. We're a community site, mainly here to have fun, but recognition of some sporting feats in the world of MTB really have to be congratulated.

Over the weekend Jason English became the Solo 24 Hour World Champion... for the 5th time! For much of the race Jason was out front but victory was sealed a couple of hours from the end when he put in a two blistering laps, destroying all hope of a catch the second place rider may have been holding onto. Boom!

Special mention to Brett Bellchambers too, for taking out the SS category.

There are many new recreational riders online here, so for those that don't know, this event works as so: Midday on Saturday one steps onto a MTB. They ride round a circuit (this year in Fort William, Scotland) until midday Sunday. Non-stop. Solo. The rider to finish the most laps in the shortest time before that Sunday cut-off wins. Yes - 24 hours without a break - Insane! Eye-wink

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2010 Australian 24hr Solo Only Nationals

Saturday, 3 April, 2010 - 12:00
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Majura Pines
Meeting Point: 

Majura Pine Forest, off Majura Road.

-35.240478 149.194680 (Majura Road)

2010 Solo Only 24hr Nationals - Easter, Canberra Again.

Details will follow.

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24 Nationals report!

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What a brilliant weekend!

I can sum up the 24 solo champs in 2 words...


We had the best team on the hill. Dylan (Ladytoast) was my support director and he did a flawless job. Including non-stop tech/nutrition & emotional support well as some sponsorship. At one stage the only thing I owned was my helmet everything else belonged to Dylan, go the Yeti! Eye-wink Thanks mate! There's no way I would have made it without you on the team.

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