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Congrats Jason English: Solo 24 World Champ for the 5th time!

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By Rob - Posted on 13 October 2014

Racing often takes a bit of a back seat here. We're a community site, mainly here to have fun, but recognition of some sporting feats in the world of MTB really have to be congratulated.

Over the weekend Jason English became the Solo 24 Hour World Champion... for the 5th time! For much of the race Jason was out front but victory was sealed a couple of hours from the end when he put in a two blistering laps, destroying all hope of a catch the second place rider may have been holding onto. Boom!

Special mention to Brett Bellchambers too, for taking out the SS category.

There are many new recreational riders online here, so for those that don't know, this event works as so: Midday on Saturday one steps onto a MTB. They ride round a circuit (this year in Fort William, Scotland) until midday Sunday. Non-stop. Solo. The rider to finish the most laps in the shortest time before that Sunday cut-off wins. Yes - 24 hours without a break - Insane! Eye-wink

BTW - You don't have to be as mad as these fellows to compete in a 24 Hour event. They are posted from time to time in our calendar. Watch out for one.

Why not put together a team and give it a go? Marvel at the speed these solo guys ride when one comes past you in a blur, in the middle of the night, when you're struggling to ride a fraction of their distance. It's incredible.

Photo Credit: @CylingAusMTB.

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I'll take this opportunity to point out that he rode to 338 km to achieve this win. That's a very long ride off road and knowing this may put the magnitude of his awesomeness into perspective.

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LMAO 338 km used to take me a whole month.....before I started comuting

But I recon its more the phsycological strenth required to do this that counts here.

Obviously its both. but wow

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That's almost 2 weeks worth for me, most of which is on road, on a roadie. So, halving that for equivalent effort takes it back out to best part of a month.

Imagine being in his phys ed class at school. lol

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