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Mt Buller

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By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 27 January 2009

I've just been to mt buller for 3 days of down hill riding/crashing. My mates and I had an awesome time there.

all rode Giant Glory Dh1's. if anyone is interested in going down its well worth it.

ps. body armour is a must, i wore some and still broke my elbow.

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I am researching the possibility of doing a Nobmob posted road trip to Mt Buller in Nov/Dec. Besides the Mt Buller riding, we could possibly fit in Thredbo too. I agree, Mt Buller does look tops in all of the videos I have seen. And there is more than 1 trail to ride to boot!! Smiling

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I went to Thredbo for Australia long weekend for the first time and i had a fantastic time. Thredbo is VERY technical riding and i managed to do a few runs without stopping and actually picked up some good speed too.
In my opinion to enjoy this terrain you'd want a decent skill level and good reactions to start with or you will just get hurt.
I stopped on one run and took snaps on my phone... ill try to post them up for all to see.
I rode my 6 inch Pivot with very soft tubeless tyres and slow rebound on the shocks and this did the trick nicely. I did slide out a couple of times on some dirt stuff but Magura Marta brakes served me well when i needed them and didn't go over the bars once.

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Technical wise, the thredbo downhill his similar to A-Bomb at Buller, just longer so you get to throw arm pump into the equation.

The International trail at Buller is another kettle of fish, that is a trail that makes Thredbo look like a walk in the park. I loved racing it in the nationals a few years back, but it scared the crap out of me.

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we rode international very slowly but didnt even attempt the bottom section. massive wall ride with a meter drop and a tree in front of the landing

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keen to try Buller at stage. Rode Thredbo for the 4th time last week with my 14yo son. He rode most of it when he was 11 on a 24" hardtail. Not as tech as most of the tracks around here.

There is a Mtn Bike festival on at Buller in March:

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Yeah Thredders isn't what I'd call technical, just long.

haven't been to Buller but have heard a lot of good stuff

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Looks cool, especially the following stage as outlined in their "Racing Format" page:

Saturday March 22: Stage 2

"A thrilling Super-D where groups of 5 riders set off together and descend nearly 500m vertically over 6 km in a cross country style descent that’s set to rock. (A Super D is a downhill - cross country race that lacks the technical elements of a ‘proper downhill’ race and may even have a few small rises or flat sections in it but are ideal for regular 0-5 inch travel XC bikes. They are held on the type of track that when you get to the bottom you turn to your mates and say, “core-blimey, that was awesome!"

That would be unreal fun!! Laughing out loud Although an AM/FR bike would probably still be an advantage.

Pity it is such an expensive event.

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