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2009 Highland Fling

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By Rob - Posted on 02 June 2009

Sunday, 8 November, 2009 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Penrose State Forest
Ride Database Entry: 
Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Bundanoon, NSW

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

You know... the fling. 110Km around Penrose & Wingello State Forests.

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, craigs, Heckler, Bernd, christine, Whisperer, Nic, daves, GAZZA, lorrie, leximack, Gilbo, Steve 01, Andy Bloot, GeordieAndy, markp, chica, Gary, Pratiwi, Nick R, Deano, steveb, Paul_J, Mick, linco, LadyToast, philberesford, Morgan, BT, staffe, RaceLeader, spart, Slowpup, Checkmate, jdb, Dibbler, Glen, Bubble, PIVOT MACH 5, dangersean, Steve C, Newton, mtnbike, Dicko, cambowambo, arghvee, mrsoldfart, metty, james lamb, Doug DJ (51 riders)
Rob pikey craigs Heckler Bernd christine Whisperer Nic daves GAZZA lorrie leximack Gilbo Steve 01 Andy Bloot GeordieAndy markp chica Gary Pratiwi Nick R Deano steveb Paul_J Mick linco LadyToast philberesford Morgan BT staffe RaceLeader spart Slowpup Checkmate jdb Dibbler Glen Bubble PIVOT MACH 5 dangersean Steve C Newton mtnbike Dicko cambowambo arghvee mrsoldfart metty james lamb Doug DJ
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
linco What fun!!! Finished 05:42:00 78 Full/Male/Veterans 22
LadyToast Bravo Bundanoon Finished 06:02:54 138 Full/Male/Veterans 44
Nick R Woo hoo - no technical problems Finished 06:10:22 154 Full/Male/Masters 29
philberesford Happy endings Finished 06:20:50 184 Full/Male/Veterans 63
Rob A guilty yet happy Fling Finished 06:24:40 Half/Male/Open
Dibbler Highland Fling 2009 Finished 06:48:44 265 Full/Male/Masters 69
BT 2009 Highland Fling Finished 07:30:02 382 Full/Male/Veterans 140
lozza6 Welcome back to racing Finished 08:23:57 502 Full/Male/Open 60

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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leximack's picture

i am hoping they have a cyclocross category this yr.
I am thinking of doing this on my KHS CX200 Cyclocross bike (currently my commuter) for something a bit different and slightly crazy Smiling


Bernd's picture
PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Looking forward to it.

christine's picture

...Stuart, i will expect you to join me for a social whirl here...

Bernd's picture

on a 29er SS (maybe....) so Paul I need to train with you! and Christine I may hang around you guys, too.

MDOldFart's picture

wife will have trouble giving me permission to have a "full whirl" with you or anyone else for that matter, actually maybe the other Mr M would be ok

I may be swayed to ride a full 110km at the Highland Fling but if it is with you and your gaggle of others then we will need to work on improving the ride / stop ration of 7hrs/2hrs

christine's picture

who joins the 'Social Set' will have to spend less than two hours socialising and if they are true Elite Social Riders will complete the ride as a whole rather than having a sprint finish alone...
however I may have to ride the whole thing by myself if I can't convince Stuart to ride with me in which case shall no doubt be a grumpy blondie...

pikey's picture

Having ridden with you before both public and private......MDOldfart, you do talk to much Sticking out tongue


The Truth is Evil and must be concealed Sticking out tongue

MDOldFart's picture

getting air in and out through my mouth is a whole lot more pleasant an experience than having it pass through my nose.

I think the EPA are still looking for the source of that spill on the Woomerah range

christine's picture

When he used to ride after work I liked riding behind him as he always wore after shave and smelt very nice...

MDOldFart's picture

certainly not hair we could see, maybe the B, C and S? Closet lycra boy

craigs's picture

sighted recently in Belrose, a shaven Pikey.
From boredom and sitting around the house, the previously hairy Mr Pike is now clean shaven.

Go to town with that one Smiling Friday afternoon special

lorrie's picture

i seem to remember that i didn't promise to do the 110km...


christine's picture said at Mt York you were going to do the Social Full Fling...

lorrie's picture


MDOldFart's picture

what is it with you and dates mate?

Buck's picture

Yer right lorrie. Social......
Christine....Once the gun goes off he will be off at a LIGHTNING pace and you will never see him again till the end Laughing out loud

christine's picture

he isn't used to riding off road so I have a slim chance of him being part of the Elite Social Crowd... seems he signed up for a practise ride at St Albans this weekend...

kiwigirl's picture

I think I could handle a full fling at social pace and keep you company. Don't want you grumpy... Eye-wink

Nic's picture

This comment has been moved here.

Medigger's picture

If anyone wants to sell an entry send me a message.


CB's picture

Good luck to all the mobbers riding the fling on Sunday.

I'll be there reprising my Angry Doctor role as a course marshall (probably somewhere in the Wingello Forest), so hopefully I will see the full flingers out there.
I'll be the guy squeezed into a kilt...... can't wait to get back on the bike, even my fat clothes don't fit me any more!


LadyToast's picture

Are any other nobbers mad enough to be doing the Dash on the Saturday? If you are can I draft behind you on that hill please? Smiling

Only 2 days to go and not one person has mentioned the weather yet! Is this a record?

philberesford's picture

What weather?

BT's picture

Yep, I'll be doing the Dash. Will be taking it VERY easy though so I don't risk anything for Sunday.

Weather will be fine!

LadyToast's picture

Taking it easy? What for?

The way I see it it's for smashing yourself so far into the ground that you have a good excuse for getting a rubbish time in the main event Smiling

Whisperer's picture

I'm doing the full fling, but training has been sporadic over the last few weeks, so I don't expect a 'fast' time. If I can do it in 6hrs or better I'l be very happy.

Who's camping this year? Any ideas for a general spot, like last year in the bottom corner on the fenceline?
I'll be there somewhere between 4 and 4.30, and eating in town after watching the dash and registering.

See you all there!


arghvee's picture

I'll be camping, but havent met the nobmobers cept for Rob. How do I recognise you ? Do you have any 'distinguishing marks' ???!!

Rob's picture

As Pratiwi is coming we won't be camping. Hope to see a few folk milling around rego on Saturday arvo though.

Hopefully we'll be there in time to watch the full flingers leave and given the expected pace will likely be seeing a few come by in the last stage.

Failing all else, see you at the end Smiling

Gilbo's picture

I'll also be camping at the event. Not sure of the layout of the campgrounds,
if you see a black Landrover freelander come and say hi. Will be getting there around 4ish

pikey's picture

Sorry to see your arent back on the bike yet....You must be getting close to riding again soon?

You were working hard as a marshall at Mogo last time I saw you.

Will look out for you.

I'll be the grumpy swearing old guy Eye-wink


LadyToast's picture
BT's picture

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