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Tue 17th Oct - Terrey Hills Night Ride

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By Rob - Posted on 16 October 2006

Hey all,

By popular request (from Saturday, from the Fling trainees, from... well, that's it!) a Tuesday night ride has materialised:

When: 7:30pm 7:00pm. Updated
Where: Shops on Booralie Road (or the entrance atop the first climb if it rains loads).
What: Perimeter + Long (+ Duffys if I can talk you into it?) + detour to the Tavern if someone leads the way!

This is night - bring lights suitable for off road riding!

I won't be there if it's raining!


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just a comment on lights, as I know there are lots of new people reading this... those little lights that come with the AA batteries are not going to be enough for this ride as its going to be really dark (no moon). 2 x 5watt is the usual minimum, one for helmet and one for bike.
Also its a good idea to have one of those little red flashers for the rear so no-one rides right up the back of you.
Just so no-one is caught out tomorrow.

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But! Greg has enough light for a small community to get around!!!


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Tonight's Profile:

When we weren't sitting at the lookout drinking beer the pace tonight was really quiet good, no? Eye-wink

Ah - I notice Google now have high-res coverage of the whole of Ku-ring-gai now too. Doesn't quiet line up, but you can't have everything.

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I noticed when I got back I still have Christine's jacket. Beer on breath, ladies clothing, hmmm...!

Anyway, Chritine if you urgently need the jacket back give me a call on 0421 962 771 and I can get it to you somehow, or else I can just bring it along to the next ride, only I don't think I'll be there on Sunday.


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how do you think it looked for me? beer breath and LESS clothes!
Lucky he was asleep!
Just whenever you go on another ride please could you bring it over? Its my only light spray jacket thing...
thank you!

MEEE Smiling

ps i can fee my leg muscles today - that was much faster than my ususall dawdle! More fun though!

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Dont forget the nights Pic's (and the arty ones)


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