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Andersons + the oaks

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By Sinkes - Posted on 06 August 2009

How much training does one need to train to ride these trails? (Andersons + the oaks)...I 've heard they are tough? Am i kidding myself?

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Dude, that is a bit of a broad question...

on a BMX you should finish before lunchtime.... (joke)

in all seriousness they are a decent ride which i am doing this sunday...and the climb out of the bedford creek is decent...

however it depends on ones ability...

total distance...if memory serves me right is close to 70km... Smiling

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Ando, is a great ride and tagging the Oaks on the end is cool but it is a days ride not a 2 hr blast.
I would do each of them individually before doing the combo,

Good Luck On Sunday . .

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Try it and see Eye-wink

Andersons' is pretty easy riding - out, along and down for most of it's length until you cross Bedford Creek. But then you have a mother of a climb back up to Woodford. There is nothing technical on Andersons' but it certainly is a good workout at the end.

If you are dead by Woodford you can bail and catch the train back from there. Many do.

If you're still feeling up for it then The Oaks is a more varied ride and with a bit higher technical level (ie more interest). The last climb up the road to Glenbrook Station is not as bad as the one up to Woodford station - but you'll have been riding for 65km by then.

If you decide to do just one ride to start with, do The Oaks as it is by far the more enjoyable ride. Andersons' is nice in its own way, but The Oaks is much more fun.

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I disagree to cambowambo, (sorry cambo).

On the whole Andersons is quite nice easy riding but the descent down Andersons to Bedford creek IS quite technical, and has been known to brake bikes. It is fun and exhilarating at pace, but hard work on the brake fingers. But that's why we ride Ando's in the first place isn't it? Eye-wink The climb out is a killer for sure, particularly with cold wet feet from the creek crossings. But I love it! Race to the gate!

The Oaks is a Hwy by comparison particularly since it has been graded and all honesty offers no real challenge at all anymore except for getting some distance on your legs for the training. I actually saw a little girl on a sub $100 K-Mart special going down a couple of weekends ago. I felt a bit overdressed in full trail gear astride the Yeti LOL. I would certainly never entertain the idea of bailing and getting the train back down after Ando's. Where's the fun in that? Thankfully the sniggle on the way back down is the only thing it still has going for it.

I've recently taken to a more attractive exit to Glenbrook via St Helena's track, about 5km's along the Oaks from Woodford. Sweet single track and technical drops and descents. It is a hike-a-bike out at the end, but it is 1000 times more fun than the Oaks IMHO.

To answer your original question: How much training does one need to train to ride these trails?

The full Oaks>Ingar>Andos>Oaks ride is killer! around the 103km mark. The first 50 is all climbing so you need to be reasonably fit to contemplate doing the full thing. I don't know what your skill level is but FWIW the first time I rode this it took me 9.5hrs. 6months later I completed it just shy of 6hrs on Saturday.

This is my training ride. It is not an easy ride, be prepared to put in the hard yards. The rewards will come. It's all about training with this ride Laughing out loud


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BMX Bandit: the take away from this is that the question of whether or not you can do it, depends on what you can do, how fit you are, and whether you are prepared to have a go.

PhilB: I'm a wimp and I only do the easy downhill part - I catch the train to Wentworth Falls and ride back Andersons > Oaks to Glenbrook. Last time I did it took 3:05:12 riding time (according to my Garmin Edge GPS thingy). Sure, I noticed the downhill to the creek was steep (and that my brakes were smoking) but it didn't register as difficult: my main memory of riding Andersons' was the ride back up to Woodford. Followed by the joy of riding the Oaks.

I don't think any sane person would ride up and then turn around and go back Eye-wink

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There are quite a few of us crazy enough to go all the way from Glenbrook up to Wentworth Falls and back again.
Can I get a show of hands...


Just me, yes I'm clearly insane Evil

Bring on the Doctor!

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I reckon if you're a competant rider you'll make it. By competant I mean you can handle any techy terrain. I reckon some of the bits at the end of the Oaks are more technical than Ando's. Am I living a lie? If you ride regularly then the fitness should be no problem. As has been mentioned you can always bail when you get back to Woodford.

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Yer i am in for that....whilst fitness is a little low at the up for it....

the fling will be here before long and want as many of these rides under the belt before hand as possible....

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Ok - important stuff.

Is there a PIE SHOP in Woodford?

I love a steaming hot meat pie after an Oaks ride, and as you would all know there's a corker of a pie shop in Glenbrook.

Planning to do an Ando's plus Oaks ride and I'm gonna need a hot pie at halfway. Does such an opportunity exist in Woodford? I haven't really noticed any shops in Woodford before.

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There's a general business next to the real estate across the highway from the train station. I'm pretty sure they have pies. Other than that there aren't any other shops in Woodford.

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Sounds like I may have to go with a few Space Food Sticks for energy replenishment.

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In Woodford, the local general store closed down long ago. We do have the real estate and the strangest little post office I've ever seen but for food you'll have to bring it with you or buy it at Wentworth falls and carry it down.

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Oops my bad! I can't believe they aren't open anymore. I thought the last time I went in there was really not that long ago. Where has the time gone? I might need a newer generation flux capacitor.

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...from a flux capacitor to a continuum transfunctioner.

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