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Black VU series III SS Ute For Sale

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By christine - Posted on 07 August 2009

One of my friends is going overseas so wants to sell his ute – PERFECT for bike travelling!
Its a black VU series III SS, lowered, tinted windows, 19in mags, auto, 146,000k and he wants about $15,000 for it ... yes! its cheap but he wants to go!

MEEE Smiling

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I know someone who buys cars who might be interested in this tradies truck.
Does it have a tray cover and mags? How lowered it is?
Is the exhaust loud, like not too loud but cool sounding?

So not MTB related Sad Smiling

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He would be horrified! It's a ute like mine, not a one tonner, yes, he has a tonneau cover, tray liner, 19in mags. I am fairly sure my ute is lower and he has the standard exhaust - and about the only thing he has ever put in it would be his surf board lol

well, it could be mtb related if someone wanted a cool vehicle to transport their bikes it - beats taking the front wheel off and all that stuff - just chuck them in the back... Smiling

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Hey Christine, try putting this ad up on the following forums, you'll definately get a heap of interest.


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i will suggest it to him - I just thought i'd mention it here first...
will pass those on though


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Ok... this ute is still for sale. He hasnt sold a car before so i am thinking one of those sites isn't going to be his best bet...for him being hopeless, not the sites!
The price for this ute is $11,000 neg - which is such a bargain.

I KNEW he would do this... nothing, then get fed up and drop the price. It has just had a full service from my sensational mechanic who gives it the thumbs up and says nothing wrong with it..

So there you go, thought I would mention it as he leaves in about two and a half weeks...


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That's a V8 isn't it? Cor!!

I wouldn't mind but I just can't bear selling a motor bike to make room for it. Let him know I will look after it for him if he doesn't sell it before he goes. I'll even keep it clean for prospective buyers Smiling

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5.7litre chevvy engine - sweeeet!!
somehow i dont think he will take you up on his offer, but i will ask! i have a mate looking at it soon as well, but you never know!

you could sell one of those little bikes you have.. Smiling

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Hi Christine

I'm a friend of Mick’s who is a friend of Dylan’s from Nobmob. I could be interested in the car unless it is already sold. Do you have any pictures? When and were would it potentially be possible to see the car?


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seaforth and still for sale - i will email you his details if you like?
its a normal ss ute, pirelli 19in mags, black, tinted windows...used for pose purposes... lol

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Hi, sounds exactly what ive been looking for... wondering if youd be able to send some pictures of the ute through to me?

cheers, Simon

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but he sold it on Sunday... he leaves this weekend so was in a bit of a rush...
sorry xoxo

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