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FOR SALE: Irate Intern 50km Ticket - CHEAP!

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By jpack - Posted on 07 September 2009

I have an Irate Intern 50km ticket for sale. My mates all piked last minute and left me with no way to get there and no accommodation, so unfortunately, i can't go either. I'm happy to sell the ticket for $50, but remember that there will be a $30 transfer charge at the event registration.

I can probably get the TWO extra tickets from my mates (the one's who piked!!!) at a similar price.

First In, First Served!!

NOTE (from Angry Doctor Website)
You are able to transfer your full entry to anyone else of any category with no charge up to the entry closing date. Any transfers after the entry closing date must be done at the event registration on the Saturday afternoon and will incur a $30 administration fee. Late transfers can only be done on the Saturday before the event. Transfers will not be accepted at registration on the morning of the event.

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