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MTB with a little bit of other stuff..

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By obmal - Posted on 21 September 2009

I guess this counts as MTB talk as there was about 45K ( about 50ish coz we overshot a turn ) of trail/gravel road riding involved and a nice downhill track near Webs Creek, and a 10K gradual decent that followed the Mountain Lagoon fire trail. ( about of 550M vertical )

For anyone interested in some additional organized event that gets you into the bush, out on a trails ( on a bike for a lot of it ). Well last weekend I did the MAX 12 hour, this is an adventure race that's held up near Wisemans Ferry ( close to where dirtworks is run ), run by the same guys that do Dirtworks.

A very very fun day, that I rekon anyone that's into the longer MTB rides would thoroughly enjoy, highlights were spectacular views of the colo river and a fast downhill gravel road blast that included high speed corners with no guard rail.. a dance with death if you ^#@! it up.

This is an annual event and they plan to be back at the same spot next year.



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