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stupid road ride

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By christine - Posted on 23 September 2009

due to extreme peer pressure from un-named people (some of whom break bikes) I have entered the Sydney to Gong which I will ride on Mildred - none of that scum bike polava for me...
Anyway, you are supposed to ask peopel to sponsor you...

SO!! Anyone out there fancy sponsoring me on this ride please? It's for MS...

MEEE Smiling

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Only if you ride back too. It's only 175km or thereabouts Eye-wink

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Blondie, I have some 26x1.25 slicks that presently sit unused since I got my 700x23c wheelset to put on the hardtail.

You are welcome to borrow if you wish. I'm having a senior's moment on the brand, but they are reputable and have had only a couple of hundred k's put on them.

Ah, I knew it would come. They're Serfas Baristas. Not quite as quick as Conti Sport Contacts, but then you won't break all your tyre levers trying to mount them! Eye-wink

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very much for the offer, but Bernd gave me some ages ago which have dutifully sat unused in a room at my house - next to the proposed rims...better get them on hey - will they make that much difference?

no, Rob - one way only, that is enough of the black stuff - besides bier will be waiting for me at the end - wont it Lorrie?!!!

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What bier are you talking about Christine???

Then again it may be worth is just to see you spend a few hours on the black stuff, by which time you will be saying,

"Why doesn't my bike go faster?"

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Lorrie, stop shirking your responsibilities, I distinctly remember you saying you would ride down with a case of beer strapped to your back if Blondie would do this ride.

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Are there rack mounting points on that shiny carbon frame of yours Lorrie?!

lorrie's picture

I think you have had one too many guinessesses

The agreement was that

1) Blondie would do the gong ride
2) I would ride it and ride it socially and if I couldn't see them on the road ie being antisocial I would have to buy them a case of beer and it if at all possible have it ready before the end of the race


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Lorrie... don't you mean that Blondie buys the case of beer but you reimburse her when you eventually finish?

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actually Lorrie, you are supposed to stay WITH me the whole way remember? no waiting at the top of the hills, keeping me company up the hills - or as Rob suggests...maybe I will be waiting for YOU!! LOL are the bier boy!! woo hoooo Smiling

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Yes, slicks do make a big difference. Lower rolling resistance, less wind resistance.

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How much for you to write "More Single Track Please" in chunky permanent marker down your lef arm, so it reads clearly from the front/left? Would that be say $20?

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