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Might be a fun way to explore Canberra?

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By Jee10 - Posted on 13 October 2009

Urban Polaris or Metro

Has anyone taken part in this event?

Looks like it might be fun, relaxing and ends in less then 24hrs.

Not sure if a Road Bike would be suitable, as the site is lacking detailed information? Plenty of MTbikes in the pictures, but plenty of Tarmac in the foreground! confused...I'll email the event co-ordinators!

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Yeah, we did this a long time back. I partnered with some grey haired bearded type... dunno whatever became of him Eye-wink

It's quite fun and the navigation and strategy certainly add something. There can be a lot of road and you might get away with something like the Scratch you're selling or even a crosser. You'd have to be uber careful in the forests though.

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when they were run by Huw Kingston and the polaris mob and they were fun. Bike choice depends on route choice - there are controls to find in everything from car parks to the top of Mt Stromlo. The harder the controls are to get to, the more point they're worth, so do you go for lots of easy low scoring controls or less, higher scoring controls? That's why it's fun.

The best bike compromise is a hardtail or rigid MTB with semi slicks (or a crosser), that way you'll pretty much get around everything you'd need to. People do do it on road bikes but I wouldn't think they go for offroad controls. And you won't know where the controls are going to be until the race starts, so if you've brought a full susser and all the controls are on the side of the bitumen, you're gunna have a painful time.

The other thing you have to think about is that you have to carry your map around on your bike to work out where you're going. Make or buy a map board (then go and do some Mountain Bike Orienteering events to get your money's worth out of it - they're excellent too (

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I've done this a few times.

I did try this on MTB slicks one year - however doing two wheel slides off the back of black mountain had me back on (albeit fast) off-road tires the next time.

The good thing about these events is take it as hard or easy as you like. Stop for a long lunch, whatever - it's all good fun.

I haven't done it since Huw's co. stopped running it though, however would highly recommend giving it a go.

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Thanks! I'll be looking further into this event and most likely be taking part!

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