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Original Crew say Hi.

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By groache - Posted on 13 November 2006

Just wanted to let you know that we are still very active, though you dont see us on NOBMOB website any more as it became a little public for us. We are riding every Sat/Sun. Craig Belorse, Gavin (pommy), feel free to drop us a line. Paul, Peter, Justin, Jeff, Ryan and Gavin we are all out there hitting great trails every weekend and will be doing are annual Thredbo ride in the new year. President NOBMOB Colin Dominish get your arse into gear.

Feel free if you want to jump onto our email list for weekend rides and you are one of the founding pack shoot me an email to or 0416288567 or just speak to Justin. Its now 4 years since we started NOBMOB good to see so many people involved.

Have fun and less whinging more riding,

Best Regards Gavin Roache. (groache)


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