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Short track XC racing 2.30 this Saturday St Ives Showground

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By Matt - Posted on 15 November 2006

have a look at for details, looks like a fun Saturday! Anybody else thought about this or fancy giving it a go?

If you've not been to St. Ives Showgrounds before it's got some pretty cool wee loop tracks that'll make for some interesting racing both for participants and spectators. Plenty of berms and a bit sandy (depending on the rain).

Post a note if you're going and fancy saying hello.


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Hi there "9-lives" me a few mates are going out on Saturday as well. Will look out for you and the "Heckler". I will be taking my 12yo son also.

To anyone else interested, it is a fun track and a great race format for all standards.

I'll be on a Black NRS and my son Jack on a brown Kona Stuff.


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Good to hear it's good for all standards, I'll be bringing up the rear of mens C I suspect...

I agree from what I've seen of the course(s?) they look fun, do you know which bits they'll be using for the racing?

I'll be on (or lying in the dust near having stacked again...) a silver Heckler with Maverick forks (the upside down double crown fella's) and funky orange pedals.


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I'll be there too! Good way to spend a summer afternoon, and that track is awesome on the xc rig!

I'll keep a look out for you guys too, except for you Goatman, you sound a bit scary!!

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I'll be there - easily recognised as the guy with the starting pistol in his hand and counting laps.

Prety much all of the track will get used, probably only missing the long straight through the trees down the bottom.

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I'll be the one weilding a spatula and tossing sausages at the BBQ.

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I always said you were sizzling

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Me?... sizzling?... I plan not to toss myself at the BBQ but then its amaising what a few beers will do to ones bravery/stupidity.

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