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Sat 18th Terry Hills

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 15 November 2006


After a nice hard ride through Galston Gorge yesterday arvo (Tuesday) Shano and I are going to do a ride this weekend at Terry Hills. We are planning on doing it twice as we are training for the Brindabella challenge social ride....

If you are keen to catch up with us meet at the Terry Hills shops for an 8:30am start.

My contact details are on my profile should you need them.


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If you're looking for more distance and challenge at Terrey Hills then consider starting from the shops then heading to Sandy Trail (bit of road work) then from the end of there do the descent and killer climb back on Bibbenluke. Find the tricky entrance to Booralie (go round the north (right) side of the wildlife park) and climb up to the junction with Duffys and do it out and back. Then proceed along Cullamine & Perimeter, take Long out and back and return to shops the usual way on Perimeter.

Quick arithmetic (see 438km) gives 3 + 0.96 + 1.76x2 + 1.76 + +0.75x2 + 1 + 4.15x2 + 7 = ... erm... oh - wierd - only 27Km. Well - there's a bit more on the road to join them up and with the hills (esp. Bibbenluke) it will seem longer.

Oh - there's also some single track to explore around that area (Bibbenluke) too. You could also do Duck Holes and Centre Track further North too (making a kindof figure Cool.

Not sure I can make a morning ride Sat - will work on it Eye-wink

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Prolly just go for a straight out to the Perimeter Track, do the Long Track, and that little add on towards the end...double up...thats gotta be >50kms.?
Looking to put in some big kays this weekend as the first and final preparation for the Brindy Challenge on the 9th...feeling good...and bringing some homemade goo!

See you there!

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23K's boys....round trip. 2 trips...46K.
75-90mins a lap would be the target with no stops at 15-18Km/h average.
...too much fling training, can you tell??

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Yeah well...I could say that we did just over 50kms in three hours in the saddle and with a few stops we kept up an average speed of 17km/hr.
The add on of the Duffy Track/Cullamine Track pipped us past the post...

The amazing thing was the number of Goannas out there today....we must have seen 7 or 8 of 'em.

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