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By Rob - Posted on 09 July 2006

Some of you might have noticed I've been busy messing about with maps and stuff. Chilling out this arvo I thought it would be fun to calculate the length of trails in the maps on NoBMoB (yeah, I know... sick!). Anyhow, didn't take that long so we're pleased to announce the total is...

Drum roll...

438Km of mapped trails!

Wow - not a bad effort at all... hope you're all enjoying them :)

There's the full break down of the distances in the rest of this article (hit 'Read more' if you haven't already).

Bobbin Head8.09km
Bobbin Head Track4.87km
Detour East0.26km
Detour East Leg0.048km
Small Lookout0.03km
First Leg0.084km
Jacob Track0.81km
Single Track to Road0.11km
To Carpark0.17km
Sphinx Track1.48km
Ridge Top Track2.91km
Lower Cambourne1.39km
Cascades Track3.25km
To Douglas Street0.24km
Cascades Track (Upper Branch)0.6km
Quarry Track0.86km
Bare Creek Track1.77km
Heath Track1.78km
Technical Downhill1.33km
Alternate Ending0.39km
Short Single Track0.85km
Centre Track3.3km
Centre Track3.3km
Chiltern Track2.64km
Chiltern Track1.59km
Unknown Track1.05km
Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail4.67km
Duck Hole Track4.67km
Elvina Track2.38km
Elvina Track2.38km
Great Northern Road81km
Dirtworks 200620.4km
Great Northern Road42.2km
Ten Mile Hollow6.88km
Western Commission Track11.6km
Kanangra-Boyd NP49.9km
Kanangra Walls Lookout0.5km
Boyd River Fire Trail8.02km
King Pin Fire Trail2.61km
Kanangra Walls Road14.8km
Kowmung River Fire Trail8.99km
Morong Creek Fire Trail9.09km
Mount Thurat Fire Trail5.89km
Manly Dam12.4km
Eva's Track0.26km
Main Circuit9.45km
North Loop2.67km
Oxford Falls27.4km
Deep Creek2.56km
Power Lines0.75km
Nursery Ryhmes v20.64km
Nursery Ryhmes1.24km
Slippery Dip Trail2.15km
XC Connector0.27km
XC Connector0.15km
Morgan Road Firetrail3.07km
Downhill - Left0.3km
Lizard Rock0.53km
Chicken Run0.14km
Little Moab2.79km
Road to Nowhere1.14km
Alternate Entry2.86km
Main Trail3.55km
Climb at the End0.46km
Moon Rock0.8km
XC Track2.58km
Red Hill17.2km
100 Metre Hill1.24km
4WD Folley0.49km
4WD Folley2.56km
Cromer Connector0.83km
Corner Cut0.64km
Drop Zone0.64km
Garden of Gulleis0.63km
Main Trail0.61km
Main Trail0.26km
Main Trail3.76km
Mr Motocross0.31km
Unknown (red)0.57km
Unknown (red)0.19km
Sealed Entry Road0.14km
Sealed entry road1.86km
Salvation Tracks7.52km
Salvation Loop3.13km
Wallaroo Arm1.62km
Wallaroo Track1.24km
Yeomans Track1.53km
Terrey Hills25.6km
Anembo Reserve to Bibbenluke0.96km
Anembo Reserve0.94km
Bibbenluke Track1.76km
Booralie Trail (North)1.09km
Booralie Trail (Detour)1.76km
Booralie Trail (South)0.53km
Cullamine Track1km
Duffys Track0.75km
Long Track4.15km
Sandy Trail3km
Smiths Creek Trail2.66km
The Oaks53.2km
Nepean Lookout Firetrail4.42km
Pisgah Rock Track0.74km
Pisgah Ridge Firetrail4.02km
Red Hands Firetrail5.09km
St Helena Track12.7km
The Oaks Firetrail26.2km
Towlers Bay5.99km
Bona Crescent0.81km
The Chase1.21km
Towlers Bay Track3.98km
Waratah Track4.7km
Waratah Track4.7km
Wingello State Forest106km
Basin Road5.99km
Bulls Ridge Road2.01km
Burrawong Ridge Road1.87km
Burnt Pine Road3.91km
Caoura Road - Gulp Road0.27km
Caoura Road3.65km
Clouts Creek Fire Trail1.04km
Clouts Creek Road9.88km
Cutters Road1.87km
Double Gate Road3.01km
Fitzherberts Fire Trail2.03km
Four Creek Road4.04km
Georges Creek Road3.31km
Gap Road8.37km
Gully Road3.76km
Gulp Road - South1.22km
Gulp Road - Nyers Creek Road0.64km
Gulp Road9.39km
Nyers Road - East1.75km
Nyers Creek Road6.88km
Razorback Road2.43km
Running Creek Road2.24km
Spotted Gum Road2.16km
Spratts East0.96km
Spratts East0.14km
Spratts West1.37km
Spratts Fire Trail4.45km
Swamp Road0.88km
Tallowa Gully Road5.9km
Tallowa Lookout Fire Trail2.82km
Tallowa Road3.69km
Vinicombes Road3.02km
Webbers Lookout Fire Trail1.4km
Yellowmundee Regional Park10.6km
House Leg0.095km
Riverside North0.088km
Riverside South0.66km
Circuit - All9.37km
Grand Total438km
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When you complain about working weekends (head shaking Smiling

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