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Lost car key picked up by someone at Manly Dam.....

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By johnasutherland - Posted on 20 September 2009

Lost car keys at Manly Dam

UPDATE 22/09 - Went back today, which is the earliest I could get there and they are now gone.......Found a branch in the midle of the trail before the rise, as described in some of the posts below, but now no longer there. If anyone has picked up for safekeping, please get in touch.


I was riding Manly Dam with a mate this morning around 7.30 and on returning to the car in the lower car park I discovered every mountain biker's worst nightmare - my car keys stashed so safely under my seat had vanished.

If you have found a single Toyota key with LED light keyring, please get in contact via my public email address and wait for super-sized gratitude.

Depending on whose version you believe, either the sheer volume of rpm going through the back tyre must have shaken the zipper open or alternatively, the bag may have been left open a smidgen.


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went around the dam this afternoon and saw that someone had stuck a stick into the sand in the firetrail after the school with a set of carkeys hanging from it

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as of 3:00pm today.

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Yes they were on the end of a stick in the middle of the trail about 100m after you ride through the carpark at the school and enter the gravel. Just at the top of a small climb.

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Yes, I saw them on the trail today as well at about 11am. Hopefully you were able to go back there today and grab them.

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